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  1. if i had to take a bionicle set, then it would have to be my matoro mahri.he's just so nostalgic to me.i remember making forts for him out of spare cardboard boxes, and throwing him off of my roof multiple times...if it could be a hero factory set, it would be stormer 3.0 for the same reason/
  2. the last time i opened a bionicle set was around july of 2011, i think.i'd found a rahaga koalus(?), unopened, with a somewhat beat-up box, at a flea market my dad took me to.i opened it at the chinese buffet, and just HUFFED the danish air.i'm pretty sure i got at least 3 weird looks for huffing a battered cardboard box in the middle of a restaurant.
  3. well just earlier today, i was posing ehlek and i leave to get some juice, and when i come back, BAM! his arm swung down and hit a minifig off of the shelf! it was probably the loose lime joints, but it was still weird
  4. that always makes me mad.once, i was at TRU to get a beyblade, and lo and behold, 3 opened series 4 packets hidden behind a display.scientist, werewolf and frankenstein is i remember correctlytook them up to the counter, explained where i found them, then asked if i could but them because i wasn't too god at packet-feeling back then.(2 crash test dummies proves it)the dude behind the register said i couldn't :(and at my local B&N, there's this one really nice employee who always comes up to me and asks which figure i'm looking for.and she always says how it's good that i only feel the packets, because they often find opened packs
  5. this one is funny.so a few years back, when i was 7, i was building hahli mahri at my grandma's house.so i'm looking for a Y-joint, and i can;t find it. i start to panic, and then something funny happens.i look at the back of hahli's left leg.there it is, wedged in there.i got it out with one of her wings, and then promptly put the whole set together
  6. i only have one word to describe this...KAWAII!so cute~
  7. well...it's oshawotti found the image while googling cute pokemon images XD
  8. 2011:zane(normal)chopovpart of the spinjitzu starter set that my friend gave to me2012:venomari shrinejay ZXrattlecopterkai's blade cycle(on it's way here )
  9. that's always a problem with me too..
  10. me too LOLi could've bought an atlantis set, but NOOO! i had to buy the 5 remaining stars
  11. oh, and also, just earlier today, i put pohatu phantoka on my dresser, rotors in the air, in an 'about to take off' pose. so, i go to get some leftover lasagna, and when i come back, his rotors were outstretched in front of him, he had moved back about 4 or 5 inches, and half of my minifigs were on the floor.then again, my energetic kitten was in there, but that still doesn't explain the rotors...
  12. what did you throw, dude?must've been something like a boulder, kualus' launcher has worked through water, mud, and even freezing
  13. happened to me a while ago, what with movingall my HF sets were easy, btut hen came lego island, this huge 2-table mass of baseplates and minifigs and structures. i called it a town :Peverything survived the movers in the big cardboard box, but sadly, the ancient ruins had to be rebuilt, but they're even better now!
  14. also, i seem to have a syndrome i've coined "reassembly wandering syndrome" it's when i'm rebuilding a set, and i just wander off into an MOC in the middle.it's actually most likely to happen with any set with inika torsos, i'm not that much of a technic-based MOCer
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