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  1. Ty 4 extra support m8s, maybe il make In all seriousness, I wasn't expecting to get this much replies with this picture, thanks for telling me your favourite parts of the picture and being generally confused, entertained or generally mortified by it. Ghetto Piraka coming up soon.
  2. Ty 4 support m8s. I just have to make some more illoominaytee on da Toa Metru. If you don't want pictures of your childhood illuminati, then go to another topic. I was bored and stuck in as many references as possible along with tacos.
  3. So m8s, I finally made a new FAZE klan image. if 2edgy4u don't look!
  4. Mind you. You certainly don't want to kill me. Voting Kaiser Manducus it is.
  5. I do like the CCBS, but I wish they had more slots for pins on the arms, there's only a few large bone pieces that have holes in them. I can make some pretty good things for the torso using the HF bodies, but the legs look majorly out of proportion with the amount of detail used.
  6. I'd say The Three Virtues symbol, since as others said, is quite neutral looking... Also since it isn't that detailed it would still look decent when you're older IMO.
  7. I hope this is true, if Bionicle comes back-or even if HF is replaced I'd be delighted! Yeah, that's pretty much what I wish...
  8. Although I'm no sure, I think my first set was Toa Mahri Hewkii.... I believe I got it when I was six when my Aunt came home with it, I played with it for a while and lost pretty much all of the projectiles that came with it. After that I lost it and got piraka, Glatorians, Barraki and a bohrok kal. Unfortunately those sets along with my Exo-force sets went to a charity....
  9. Yeah, it's the same with me.... I also think it was the first Bionicle advert I saw.... Either that one or the Inika advert...
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