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  1. 34 Or to please Quisoves: limit of f(x) as x approaches 2 from the positive direction if f(x)=[(-12+8x-x^2)(-x+6)+12x^2-30x+12]/(x-2) for x>2 and f(x)=|6x^4-8x+3y^3-y'| for x<2 and x=2.
  2. You want it Kopeke? Okay. I tag Kopeke.
  3. Ghidora, you want the tag? If you insist. I tag Ghidora.
  4. I am disappoint. That was anticlimactic. Oh well nothing to be done.
  5. Wait our colors or our roles? What if we all revealed our role and codename. Could make things interesting. It would seriously narrow down suspects for the rat. If two people both claim the same color we know one is the rat, if two people both claim the same role we know one is the rat.
  6. I vote Blue. His pretending to want to catch the rat is a cover up.
  7. I vote magenta Also I don't think you people understand what the word unanimous means. A game like this would never end if it required unanimous voting.
  8. I vote Turquoise, that color has a name that is far too pretentious.
  9. I can barely see the improvement in graphics. Still, some things end up looking way better in gameplay, so I'll reserve my judgment.
  10. Sleep no more was a return to last season's quality. Which is very much a bad thing. I thought last season was mostly garbage with a few gems and this was the first episode this season I didn't like. (Well part two of the ghost storyline, I'm sort of neutral on, part one was great though). I mean seriously. Eye booger monsters? No real explanation as to why. So if I pull enough all nighters will I be eaten by my eye boogers? Far from sleeping no more it was a snoozefest. tldr; The Doctor summed it up best: "None of this makes any sense."
  11. Why does everyone suspect me? Wouldn't the name similarity be too obivous for the Mafia to send?
  12. I vote Rooster, Nato, and Nato.
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