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    Bionicle, Doctor who, Lord of the rings/Hobbit, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Reading, and Cheese
  1. Well its official, Bionicle is confirmed to be real, Solis magna has been discovered. Time to call the Doctor to check it out.

    1. Ghidora131


      Now we live in a world of seven foot elemental overlords



  2. OH MY MATA-NUI!!!! This is amazing. Time to send some signals to space and try to make contact.
  3. I feel I should change my profile picture, but I'm unsure of what to change it to.

    1. Ghidora131
    2. The Skakdi Chronicler

      The Skakdi Chronicler

      That would make more sense but...........

  4. A silhouette of a matoran with the tiresome job of holding all of the posts above it
  5. Has Kopaka 2015 always looked so amazing?

    1. Ghidora131


      Yep. I can't believe LEGO was able to make that tiny mask work on such a big character.

    2. Voxumo


      Kopaka: Lord of the tiny heads!

    3. Ghidora131


      Bionicle D00hedz

  6. I can't really think of any thing when it comes to sets, Av-matoran probably. But then it comes to pieces, it would most definitely be the Suletu Its just so beautiful
  7. That moment in [insert video game name here] when the actual bosses just slowly rises from the ground
  8. Well schools back in session 'sigh'

  9. I don't get what people Artakhan about, whats so bad about puns?
  10. I wish I could have 'Barrel Rider' as a member title. That would amuse me so much.
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