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  1. Sweet, when I get some cash together I'll probably go over to my local college and print a couple of these.
  2. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. ;D
  3. So trying to get back into making MOCs and decided to make a Toa Mata-fied version of Matoran Jala/Jaller based on his Mask of Light colors. Almost done and went ahead gave it neck articulation. However, now I've decided to go the extra step and give him limb articulation as well. Any advice for pose-able limbs that are about the same length as Toa Mata limbs, and look good with the Toa Mata body?
  4. Cool thanks, I'll give that a shot after I get my replacement parts. The ones I currently have I am already going to have to replace via Bricklink due to them being too broken to use.
  5. Thanks for the reply, it's good to hear that this is fairly uncommon. No the shelf on which the parts were displayed doesn't really get any direct sunlight and we are usually running the ac so it isn't particularly hot. It's probably just a fluke.
  6. So back at the start of the Bionicle reboot I purchased a Gali Master of Water (70786-1), I put the set together and for the most part I've just left it on the shelf and haven't really messed with it because I find the new sets floppy and not particularly fun to mess with. However, recently I got back into building mocs after losing pretty much all of my sets several years ago so I decided to pull it off the shelf and mess around a bit, only to discover that some pieces had become very lose. In particular several of the axle connectors (32039) and one of the translucent, short hero factor arms (90612) had cracked in such a way that they no longer produce enough friction to be useful just from sitting still on a shelf in the configuration the instructions specified. Do I just have a bad copy of the Gali set or is this a common issue? If it is a common issue it it just common to Gali or is it common to a lot of the reboot line's sets? I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this, I am new to the site (literally made an account so I could ask this question).
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