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  1. So can we also have the option to photoshop them into a single picture? Might be good for presenting how the two models "complement each other perfectly". And I'd love a matchmaking topic. We can put other stuff like galleries of our past work, skills (like photoshop), or frequency of availability to help us find people with compatible styles.
  2. Wow wow those incredible artbooks are a heck of a good prize! Super cool contest theme! But man, now I feel like I gotta make a speed dating thread to find someone good to partner up with. And then figure out how to build in perfect harmony over the internet. This won't be an easy one. Shad
  3. I'll definitely be there! Now that I think about it, it was a BZPower news article covering Comic-Con way back in 2004 that made me want to go in the first place, and now this will be my 11th year going! Funny how time flies like that.
  4. Hey there everyone! Soooo the battle for the gold mask has got me pretty pumped! After a month of building, I'm finally ready to show off my entry. Allow me to present Makuta: Master of the Forge! To be honest, I kind of misunderstood the contest theme at first. I thought the goal was to build THE villain of Bionicle (AKA Makuta), and not just any villain we could think up. By the time I noticed that the other entries were NOT just a bunch of Makutas, I had already drawn up a bunch of ideas for my Makuta. Whoops. I decided to go along with the designs I already had instead of starting from scratch again. The new Makuta is a mask-maker along with his brother Ekimu, so I tried to give him a "blacksmith" feel with the hammer along with the longer armor around the hips, sort of resembling a smock/apron. Welcome to Makuta's workbench! In case you couldn't tell, he likes making eeeeeevil masks. I wanted him to exude power, strength, and evil-ness without looking like a beast; after all, the Makuta we knew and loved was highly intelligent and laid careful, fiendish plans, attributes that I thought a “beast” look wouldn’t convey properly. The result was a Makuta without claws, fangs or horns. Being a mask-maker ain't easy, especially when everyone keeps telling you that your brother's masks are better. A gallery with a few more pictures is available here, if you care to look. That's all for now! See you all in the competition! (Although, I guess we won't even know how the competition is going until the results are announced... I'll see you all around anyway!) Shad
  5. Entry Name - Makuta: Master of the Forge Entry Picture - http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Shadrahk/Mocs/MakutaForgeMaster/entrypic.jpg Gallery - http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=550353 Edit: Whoops, forgot to deep link.
  6. I really like Pohatu, even if the lime-green does stick out a lot. Good thing I can change that with parts from my collection (thanks to the very nature of Lego). His mask is one of the better redesigns in my opinion. I didn't know that the "jetarangs" had a pivot on them! That's pretty cool. Sooo just for confirmation, the brown that he comes with is the reddish-brown that we first saw in Avak right? Not the classic brown of original Pohatu? The review wasn't totally clear on that, so I'm just guessing based on the pictures.
  7. I wasn't really inclined to buy the protectors because I was already going to spend enough money on the toa, but this review has pretty much changed my mind about that (dang it BZPower). That white/ice blue color scheme has always been pretty sweet. This time around it's balanced beautifully. I do feel like I would rather have his feet in white though, but the silver seems to work. Now I have to wait for the other protector reviews to see if I want them too...
  8. Kopaka was my first toa ever, and he'll definitely be my first one this time around. The new Kopaka looks awesome but still reminds me of the Kopaka I grew up with. He's just bigger and buffer than before, which is fine by me! The gold armor made me feel kind of odd when I first saw pictures of him (I mean it looks cool on Tahu, but shouldn't Kopaka get a colder color like silver or something?), but the pictures in this review have kind of put that concern to rest. I'm not a huge fan of the stickers though, nor the print on the chest armor; the blue on gold looks kind of strange. I'd rather have stickers on the chest, since I could just neglect to put them on.
  9. I really like the new Onua! His mask looks a bit squished, but it definitely still reminds me of the Onua I remember. Great review of the gear features. Based on the Kopaka review, I was wondering how the friction shoulder mechanism would work for Onua, who wields that big ol' hammer. The ball socket solution is pretty darn clever. Good job Lego! Also, glad to see that we're getting those Hero Factory shoulder armor pieces in silver now (which you can see right near his crotch). I was a little iffy about buying this set, but after this review I'm definitely getting him.
  10. I was really hoping the gold mask would be the mask of creation (that thing is beautiful), but a skull spider mask? Still pretty awesome. We have yet to see the mask of creation in molded plastic, right? There's no pictures I've been missing from NYCC?
  11. Oh man, this'll be fun! I haven't played MNOLG since I was like... 9. I don't remember getting past Onu-Koro, so this'll be a treat Where should we tune in?
  12. Hooray for old mysterious images and concepts finally being explained! Pretty cool reveals. I'm also kind of surprised to find out that they knew Mata Nui was a giant robot as early as the Bohrok saga. And that's when they were just planning it and making rough concepts, which could've been way before 2002.
  13. Beautiful work as always Ballom! I’m not very well versed in Monster Hunter but this guy looks wicked nonetheless. Comparing him to the reference, I’d say you’ve done a fantastic job recreating him, even down to the tiny details. I love the armor layering on the tail (how’d you do that by the way?), the sleek back (nice part selection here: the hero factory body pieces add the muscled, powerful feel), and especially the head. It wonderfully captures the intimidating beast-feline feeling. It’s better in the other pictures though; from this particular angle it’s a little hard to see the lower jaw. My only suggestion would be to maybe add small white spikes along the tail, but that’s pretty small. Great work and good luck!
  14. Pretty good job! Honedge and his family are some of my favorite pokemon. The blade shape is great. I like how the tips of the Matau metru blades fit in perfectly with the fins at the tip of the sword; it reads as one smooth edge. I also love the trans-blue Hero Factory visors as the “hand” part of the cloth (although it doesn’t show up too well at this photo angle). You even put in the little light blue swirl on the cloth, nice touch. While the edges of the blade are cool, it does feel a bit cluttered in the center, around the eye; the exposed studs especially draw away from the sleek sword feel. Try covering it with tiles next time? You also might’ve been able to put the little black pupil in the eye using one the holes, but that’s a relatively minor detail.
  15. I'm in! Entry name: Halo: Tiny Co-op! Entry Pic: Here Topic: Here
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