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  1. portosteel I missed your birthday, happy belated

  2. bzpower is lacking in awesome due to your absence

    1. Kakaru


      Agreed. >:c


      Come back dangit

  3. portosteeeel ;___;

  4. You need to get on more

  5. Let's get some content in here and see whether everything on the new forums behaves as it should. Sounds like a plan! Let me see what sort of art I have made in the past few months... I will start with this picture of Eridan I drew a while ago. Might I mention that I also finally cosplayed Eridan at NYCC, making use of the Ahab's Crosshairs I made all that time ago? I need to find pictures of that, so in the meantime, have this image:
  6. It feels kind of like a hole in the internet has been filled. This is it, this is BZPower, it's been such a long time Might need to do some revamping of my blog, but right now I'm going to go look around on the new forums and see what I can find Is everyone still around?? Do people still remember me, I missed y'all! Mannn this is so cool, seems like it took me two weeks to notice but it feels PRETTY GOOD to be back!
  7. All right hold on what is even happening

  8. KATAMARI DAMACYYYY~ in before "sodium" or xkcd
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god congratulations Javi!! Wow. Even though I haven't really spoken up I'm still watching your blog and following your escapades, and this is quite the development!
  10. Trollsona get!!! I'm not going to go to the trouble of making up a bunch of stuff about him though. I have established his typing quirk as shown by the title and also that he sees in inverted colors. Actually you know what would be cool? Some sort of adventure with a bunch of BZPers' fan trolls.
  11. Huh? Entry? In what??? I miss everything nowadays. And how did you even make all those presumably vector piece shapes I mean really. Was that all done by hand or what? Anyway design-wise this is pretty sweet. I feel like there might be a little something missing, perhaps in the way the pieces are kind of just floating, clumped together. Actually now I'm thinking I wish the text was more integrated somehow, perhaps surrounded in pieces rather than just sitting on them? Hmm. It would be good as is but you could try a few tweaks and see if anything looks better.
  12. You best be finishing that Makuta, Chols, or I'm going to do an acrobatic pirouette off the handle all up ins.
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