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  1. >saw you didn't reply to my message.

    Can't take a joke, bro?

  2. BOXN

    I'll think I'll give her a talk, if you know what I mean *wink*

  3. BOXN

    But Mary is such a sweet girl. What is with you?

  4. BOXN

    So you don't have any suspicious looking yellow dots in your eye?

    I do, you?

  5. BOXN

    Please add me? The name's BOXN :3

    Are you sure you're the cloned one? Maybe you're the clone. Check your left eye. or was it right?

  6. That looks like the armor from Ratchet: Deadlocked in your Avatar.

  7. BOXN

    Whom could either be you or Foxy.

  8. BOXN

    Possibly all three, since the friend Resev is on my PSN.

  9. BOXN

    I'll get the money.

    In around 3-4 years, idunnolol

  10. BOXN

    Forget the fedora, I want your gun! And the mask; can't forget the mask.

  11. Well, just look it up. The moar you know :D

    dude, that handheld is going to be WICKED! If it's 50$ less than the 3DS, Nintendo Got P-wned. Did you see what i did thar?

  12. Wow, now I feel stupid.

    did you see the Sony NGP?

  13. Is that Shana in your avatar?

  14. Interesting. So its not s sequel, right? Is it an AU where different events happen. it sounds good, I hope its not disappointing.

  15. Sorry cant talk, IM TRIPPING BALLS NOW!

  16. ▲ ▲ Can Gary oak triforce?

  17. And Gary was the expy for blue, wasn't he?

  18. So how was Festivus, Georgie boy?

  19. In the original games, didn't Red screw you over big time? He stole your grandfathers love, your pokeman died, everything went horribly for you. At least I think it was the first game (Red).

  20. he may not get respect Canama, but he gets all the chicks. AT AGE 10!

    Also, due to your bull****ery, my avatar changed. I can't get anything good out of my effort because of YOU, Gary Oak.

  21. BOXN

    Sure, but I also use Gmail as my main.



  22. How the ###### did you get 10 badges in Kanto?

  23. Oh no I can, it's just that you're writing was in all caps. Thanks anyways.

  24. thanks for the sarcasm.

  25. 5 stars for being awesome by having Slizer related things. Brofist?

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