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  1. After I heard about the flooding in Queensland, I got a bit worried, so I'm glad to know you're ok.
  2. Pretty good, yeah, though fairly busy. :/ College is as fun as it is intense.

  3. Hey I remember from a few years back, but haven't spoken in a long while. How's it goin'? :D

  4. I found and bought all the Heroes on Saturday with my birthday money, though so far I've only opened Furno, Bulk, and Breez. I'd say Furno just barely inches out over Bulk as my favorite of the three, though I'll need to wait and see how the others compare. I'd say that comparing this to the Stars, there's no contest about the Heroes being better sets. Despite having a similar building style, the Heroes look and feel like much better sets in my opinion. My only problem with Furno, specifically, is that the weapons seem a bit too long, especially with the large hole. However, the fact that it means the set is able to do this helps make up for it (Not my photo).
  5. Did you send me a PM a while ago?

    Cus I think I lost it. :P

  6. Just because it's snowing in one region of one country, that doesn't mean climate change doesn't exist. Look at Vancouver. Canada, of all places, had to have snow shipped to them for the Olympics.
  7. I'm glad they finally made a Lego store in that area. Now I don't have to go to the one upstate.
  8. I got 100% about a week ago. I enjoyed it much more than the DS game (which is still quite good in my opinion).
  9. I'm agreeing with a lot of what you've said. 2009 probably is my favorite set year, with my three favorite sets from the year being Mata Nui, Ackar, and Titan Mata Nui. And yes, I just said Titan Mata Nui is one of my favorite Bionicle sets of all time. *runs*
  10. If you want, I'll talk with you (Granted, I don't think we've ever talked before, so hi ).
  11. I feel sorry for all of the crew members. They uprooted their families and moved across the country for this show, just to have it end in seven months. Hopefully they'll be with Conan when he gets a new show. This all feels quite odd. The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien just ended, even though Late Night with Conan O'Brien ended less than a year ago. I have nothing against Leno, but I've just never found him to be funny. I really think NBC messed up with choosing him over Conan. I'm guessing Leno's only got about five years left before retiring (The same age as when Johnny Carson left), and what then? Wherever Conan goes, I hope he does so well that he makes NBC wish they never pressured him into leaving.
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