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  1. Our house *clap.* In the middle of the street.

    Our house *clap.* Is constantley hit by cars.

  2. Ok, well that doesn't help me remember anything or how I was afiliated with it since I never posted in the topic (I checked it out)

  3. Yeah, you figured it out, who we're you?

  4. Quite, have you seen the pic's of the next starters?

  5. You have one of the best banners of all time!

  6. You Should try out the band Five Iron Frenzy.

  7. Well I don't want it *Rockets aligator back*

  8. 5 stars because awesome personel pic.

  9. Go to your messenger, click edit profile information on the sidebar, and it should be right there.

  10. So go ahead with writing the rest of the RPG if you want to.

  11. Hey, again, I might not, return for a while, so yeah, I'm on Facebook, if you want to, know my name, just PM me.

  12. I find it disturbing no one tryed to contact ME!

  13. Happy Day, I mean, oh, you not here

  14. Yes but my attendance here is faltering so don't count on me being here every day.

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