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  1. Tifosi 94

    An Update

    As all of you know, I went on a major rules rant awhile back. Since the day I’ve deleted all of my previous entries, I have actually been in talks with Watashi Wa over the rules I’ve complained about. We’ve been exchanging questions back and forth. Some things have gotten clearer and I think we can both say that we’ve gotten a different perspective on a few issues. So yeah, I haven’t just fallen off the face of the Earth. I’m talking to staff and working things out. Maybe in the future I’ll post some of things we’ve talked about (with permission of course. =P). -94
  2. Nothing

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      Son of Nothing

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      Peach 00

      The Return of the Son of Nothing

  3. Maybe if a magic fairy comes and gives him unlimited super KERS and a 4 litre V16 engine that is undetectable by the FIA. =P

  4. Pfft Karthikeyan will have him any day. =D

  5. Go Vettel ftw. =P

  6. I dont think he's found his old pace yet but he's certainly getting there. BTW the promised pictures are coming today, sorry for the long wait.

  7. Yeah it's all right... I've never wanted Hamilton to NOT win a race so badly before today. XD Also I think it's awesome Massa has found his old pace again.

  8. Srry bout no replying to your PM, I've been having trouble with my password but its all sorted now. BTW, I've never wanted Hamilton to win a race so badly before today XD

  9. Tifosi 94

    My Next Project

    Alas, no. Am I in it though? Alas, no. Can you tell us when you're planning on releasing this at least? B) Hey, posting this blog entry is more commitment than I want to give to anything right now. You'll know when I know. Ok cool, I comlpletely understand.... *looks at unfinished game*
  10. Tifosi 94

    My Next Project

    Alas, no. Am I in it though? Alas, no. Can you tell us when you're planning on releasing this at least? B)
  11. Tifosi 94

    My Next Project

    Alas, no. Am I in it though?
  12. Tifosi 94

    My Next Project

    Does it have anything to do with Formula 1? (Odds are about 5000:1 right? )
  13. I am right there with you. Knowing that you have the official CD for something just makes it that more awesome when you're listening to it. I guess it's just that feeling you get when you know that you now own something entirely.... Like paying off a car or something. The only two bands and songs I have heard music from and remotely like from the "Modern Era" (Assuming that this is like 1995-present day) are "Calling All You Angels" by Train, and "Fire" by Kasabian. I have to admit I like Train a little better, but I have been listening to some of Kasabian's music and it sounds like something from the 80s instead of something present day and is growing on me a bit. The problem with this though is, I turn anything on from the “Classic Era” (Pink Floyd, Wings, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Bad Company, The Eagles, Don Henley, Creedence Clearwater revival, and Golden Earring are just a few bands that I like in no particular order) and I feel instantly like myself again. The key part for any music though, is if it something that I can listen to (let's face it is the whole point of music) for than 30 consecutive seconds, it's good music in my opinion. Most modern music I hear I can only tolerate for a minute or so before I have to shut it off.
  14. Very nice, I guess that's Kubica in Monaco. It'll be a nice tribute to him. Also I'll tell you about my Skype on the PM I'll send you soon.

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