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  1. Selling a set of all six Protodermic Toa Nuva Masks for $400. Been a while since I've been on here, but I figured you lot should have the first crack at this since I spent a lot of time on here when I was younger and it was a fun place to be. I've also got all the 2001 masks and a bunch of promo masks, so PM if you want something specific, but I prefer to sell in sets.
  2. As the title says - I've found myself with an extra Protodermic (silver) Miru Nuva, and want to trade it for a Green Pakari Nuva or a Dark Gray Noble Rau to complete my collection of 2001 Kanohi (these are the only 2 left). I also have some extra Kanohi from post-2001 if you're looking for anything in particular.
  3. White Kaukau Nuva and blue Akaku have been taken off the 'wants' list and the yellow Komau has been taken off the 'haves' list, but I'm definitely still interested in everything else! Especially misprints, as they seem to be increasing in price on Bricklink lately...
  4. Looking to complete my 2001 mask collection after a long time, willing to pay money for them (I don't have much extra in terms of masks for trades, unfortunately). Wants: MISPRINTS: Ruru: Red, Blue Matatu: Green, Black, White Kaukau: Trans-light Blue 2001 KANOHI: Hau: Green, White Miru: Red, Green (yes, I know, but I don't have an extra) Kakama: Black, Blue Kaukau: Trans-Red Akaku: Blue Huna: Medium Blue Mahiki: Dark Gray Komau: Orange, Lime Rau: Dark Gray, Light Gray Matatu: Lime Hau Nuva: Black Kakama Nuva: White Pakari Nuva: Green Kaukau Nuva: Red, White Akaku Nuva: Brown MISC: Great Kanoka Disks (all except Ga-Metru 279) Disk of Time Haves - Masks: These extra Kanohi (they're not worth much except for the Vahi, but I'll throw them in other trades if you want): Closeup of the one on the bottom, which is a custom hand-painted silver Kakama from years ago: (Areas inside the front cavities on either side of the mouth and along the top part of the central surface are still brown - only really noticeable in closeup, but I thought it best to disclose now.) I have sets, but most of them are incomplete. Ones I'm comfortable listing are: Nui-Rama (complete with masks/instructions) Nui-Jaga (complete with masks/instructions) Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo (almost complete, missing one black shoulder armor on the Kikanalo) Sidorak (complete) Roodaka (complete) Send either cash or trade (or both?) offers via PM, I'll update here with what's been taken and what hasn't.
  5. I don't think weight of the disk is the issue any more. We need volume now. Anyone with 14g of for sure actual gold and a disk? There's a famous story of Archimedes determining whether a crown was solid gold by dropping both the crown and gold (weighing the same amount) in water. Both piles were the same weight, but the crown (displacing more water) had a larger volume, and was determined to contain other metals mixed in. The only way to determine if it's solid gold I would think is to confirm it has the exact same volume a 14g piece of gold should have. This was estimated by back-calculating the volume of a regular Kanoka given the density of ABS plastic and the specified mass of the disk (according to Bricklink), which I would imagine is a fairly accurate means of measurement (water displacement relying on the markings on your water container, which usually have tolerances associated with them). Strange, then, that the mass would lie closer to the 'solid' disc when others have said it was plated - unless they meant 14k plated in 24k gold? I think we need some more significant digits on this one.
  6. 14 grams might still be metal, as the Kanoka disc is relatively thin (thinner still than any coin, if you examine the cross section) and therefore occupies little volume (increasing density). The average Kanoka disc (at a guess) would weigh 2 to 3 grams. Without knowing the volume, my guess is indeed on gold-plated steel - easy to cast, easy to plate, cheapest material options.
  7. Do you have a gram scale? If so, you could weigh it so we could have a guess at density - that'd be a pretty good noninvasive test, as steel has a quite different density from sterling silver (~8 g/cc vs 10.36 g/cc). Gold would have minimal impact due to being a very thin plating layer. It could also be copper (~9 g/cc), or something else entirely.
  8. New inventory in the original post, as well as a new customs section! I used to do custom masks way back when Bionicle was still a running series (from about Visorak times), so I'd like to think I got pretty good at it. Let me know if you have any specific requests!
  9. Original post has been updated to reflect some changes to the inventory.
  10. Yeah, a member ended up pointing that out to me via PM, so I fixed it. I was wondering why I had a random Gahlok-Kal shield...
  11. New sets: BOXOR - $30 (complete with parts, instructions, damaged/opened box.) Takanuva (2008) - $45 (incomplete - missing one blade for the Power Lance, complete otherwise. Comes with instructions.) I've also updated the original post, but wanted to make sure everyone knew new stuff was here.
  12. Updated the original post to show other stuff I'd want, in addition to the Kanohi in my signature.
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