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  1. Happy Birthday man

  2. MCC. Finally got the Master Chief Saga playlist achievement after getting horribly robbed of it in my first playthrough
  3. You haven't changed much.

    1. B0ss Manducus

      B0ss Manducus

      Can’t say that I have, but it sure does feel good being back again

  4. Dead Space 3. It's an ok game (putting it nicely), but it's absurdly inferior to the glory of Dead Space 2.
  5. I didn't think I would survive this long. Most of the time, I'm one of the first players to be eliminated.
  6. *Teleports behind Imrukii* Nothing personal, kid. Voting Imrukii
  7. Voting Imrukii. Gotta reach that multihang quota
  8. I'll vote Cap just to try and get a double hang
  9. I'm going to blindly throw my vote out there, so I'm voting Ehks
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