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  1. Yeah that's weird how they made it vary between the in-universe and model appearance like that for whatever reason was given or not. Plus it seems Bomonga's built without using the Rhotuka function properly? And then there's pieces being used from beyond the 2005 year the sets are supposed to fit into! It's a bit weird even ignoring the sorta-necessary unique Kanohi that of course don't have official LEGO pieces made, but maybe the latter's a mindset of if they were to have hypothetically approached other Toa Hagah sets with further newly-designed parts to differentiate them more than just reusing existing 2005 parts back then. It's also pretty funny to think that The Yesterday Quest would get dedicated canonisation contests for its exclusive characters before it was even finished...
  2. IDK, maybe saying that the character was never meant to be officially depicted is just a little bit much of extracted meaning for them just never giving certain characters a face? Like saying every fan interpretation was equally valid is like saying my hypothetical interpretation of a Artahka that looked like a Mahi goat was as valid.
  3. People like seeing Bionicle's TONS of unknown characters get the respect they deserve, even if you can just "LEGO them". It was kinda weird going from the Mask of Creation having an image of BS01 when we didn't know G2 was a reboot to then having that stripped away. And IDK if we could get a specific set designer (if one in particular was the most important over others, throughout Bionicle's run) to still converse with fans like Greg; who were identified as being the most significant again? We already luckily have Greg as someone with canonisation authority for years, who may've also written canon for past contest models(?), then we'd have to bring in another person or two as well on top of it with LEGO's approval, it's logistics... They're canon aren't they? With LEGO's approval right? So they're at least as "Bionicle model" as these:
  4. Actually brought this up recently; there's also a Rahkshi in a Lunchables comic that looks like one of the aforementioned mainline comic Rahkshis but is actually a different type apparently. Maybe the book is referring to that Comic 16 Yellow Rahkshi as the one of Heat Vision rather than either of the two pictured together? (Orange and Tan) Still begs the question what types those two are if it's actually the Yellow/Gold one in the Lunchables comic that's Weather Control (again, according to BS01). Maybe the left one is indeed Insect Control, but IDK about the other. Also I think the shadowed Rahkshi in Comic 22 is just the Brown Rahkshi. EDIT: Or rather, just a copy of the Blue one as that uses the same spine and staff despite it being wrong for the Blue Rahkshi...
  5. Guess that just leaves the question of who the first two are according to that ruling. Though I could just leave them as Orange and Blonde in my document otherwise. On the bright side, my 2003 styled Heat Vision Rahkshi can sorta represent two breeds now!
  6. The mainline "Toa Metru!" comic had these Rahkshi that I thought were Insect Control and Weather Control Rahkshi but apparently BS01 doesn't specifically say that (maybe Bionicle Wiki does?) ...but rather calls the golden Rahkshi in the Lunchables comic the Weather Control Rahkshi. Y'know, the one that looks like the Heat Vision 2010 Rahkshi? Yet this VERY similar looking one from the "Toa Metru!" comic IS apparently the Heat Vision Rahkshi? Being definitely distinct from those 2 Rahkshi but not the Weather Control one? Have I got this correct? Like what's the point in having this wide scope of Kraata/Rahkshi colour variation if two of them are literally going to be the same anyways?
  7. It's pretty strange to hear about the supposed variety pack that contained the White Huna/Brown Komau that no one has any images for. I don't know if that happens in this day and age of cataloguing LEGO sets besides the alt colours for the brick built Kanohi set and weird releases like those Korean Piraka multipacks. It's like lost media or something, I wonder if those kind of releases could be their own coveted rarities, or at least in getting pictures of them (the Korean Piraka combiner that only has one side of instructions seen in particular, it's crazy). Also, I'm kinda swayed on this story of the Sand Tarakava just being a prototype of the Tarakava made in a different colour than the final set (much like the recent red/yellow Nui-Rama prototypes found and those Manas ones with the trans-blue Kanohi) rather than a scrapped set of its own. I don't know, why would you design a big set around specifically 2 Rahi that mostly just punch each other and then make a budget option where the 2-player appeal of it is removed? https://emilyinternet.zone/weblog/2020-7-23.html
  8. That does sound simpler than waiting on the OP to get back, so hopefully he won't mind the new development going forward
  9. So I'm sorry if I'm bumping the topic into oblivion here (I don't quite know the rules on that here, haha), but I do still want to be able to continue to contribute to this document in a few ways. For example, I've got meticulous recreations of models like the prototype "Bad Guy" promo set and the Fikou Nui. The problem is, Volitak_Boxor has been MIA around these parts (if not also BS01?) since 2019, and the document has since been changed to need permission to edit. I have information to continue cataloguing these oddity models and I simply can't at the moment, what should I do?
  10. Not sure if this was already known about but apparently someone's selling all these storyboards for the first Bionicle movie on eBay (£15 a pop!) and I mention it hear in case the images of these have not yet been archived. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2003-LEGO-BIONICLE-DTV2-14x8-5-Pencil-Storyboard-Art-SC-61-65-pgs-141-149/303615588276?hash=item46b0e637b4:g:XpcAAOSweoZe8yid
  11. Sorry to ask about this again, but if you're still doing that ultimate Bionicle collection thing, I could give suggestions/help on the making of it. Like maybe just focus on making it a G1 collection thing, rather than also including G2 and it's several one-of-a-kind masks. You'd be much closer in "completing" G1 anyway, for obvious reasons. And I imagine you're in tune with the alternate model database topic, so I can totally continue to work on that and list and sugg...

    1. TommyG


      ...est/find out builds for certain models. Bricklink's also your friend there. I quite like this concept of "everything" collected of Bionicle if you're still to do that and can totally help you with like, some of the alternate models listed like the Fikou Nui and QftT Scorpions.

    2. TommyG


      Oh also, something of note is that the Visorak Dark Gold face piece was also apparently produced in the newer 2006-on Brutaka gold. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6256892

      So that's another piece if you dont already have it

  12. Wow I didn't know someone found Brakas sprites within the B:QftT, as seen here with some palette error: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/board/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=414 Maybe this could help us get a more accurate Brakas construction? EDIT: reconstruction I made and reference material
  13. No, I meant what I said: the Electric Spiders (named here). Note that the Electric Spider and Fikou-Nui share the "Roborider head" abdomen and "ball joint" eyes. Aside from that, it's admittedly difficult to see any more similarities from the tiny sprite size, but it does lend enough weight to Pereki's hypothesis that it seems rather likely that the rest of their bodies (minus the larger abdomen, legs, and jaws of the Fikou-Nui) should be built very similarly. Judging from Pereki's recreation, the Cliff Bug has a considerably different and much simpler build compared to the Electric Spider and Fikou-Nui. EDIT: I figured I'd share a preview of what I've been working on recently... Oh are those all Rahi found in TLOMN files? Is that one at the left a lion or something?
  14. Very interesting! I can't believe I've never noticed that the Electric Spider and Fikou-Nui share the same basic build... then again, since we've only seen one from tiny sprites and the other from a single screenshot and a low-resolution video (up until last weekend), perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising after all. Either that, or it's a real testament to how much adding a large toothy lower jaw changes the design from rather cute (i.e. Electric Spider) to rather monstrous (i.e. Fikou-Nui). Good call with the Roborider body piece. I know I've previously had to work around its exclusion from LDD when building the Muaka, Kane-Ra, and Kuma-Nui for the Eurobricks "Official LEGO Sets made in LDD" index... and it's a bit of a pain to retain both its shape and functionality. Surprising that unique Technic elements such as this haven't been seen in years (the most likely reason for its exclusion from LDD); I imagine it could be useful. You mean the Cliff Bugs? So any other Rahi that have models in TLOMN that I should know about? Are we able to see closeup images of all those other models like the Scorpion as we did with the Fikou Nui?
  15. Huh, so should we include even the unnamed Matoran models featured in media? I assume we don't count like, all of the palette swap movie ones. Yeow also sent me some more images of the Fikou Nui so thanks man! https://imgur.com/a/rWATM
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