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  1. yep the server cut

  2. I would just my dad aparently shut off all of our ports so it's not working. : (

  3. I saw your sig, Edge Chronicles FTW!

  4. This is so weird i played a game last night and my name was GLaDOS

  5. You don't like me?


  6. Your topic is the #1 hot topic!

    And welcome!

  7. i know but someone already had Perry the platypus

  8. I really like Tunnels I had no idea the 3rd one was out until I saw your topic on it and I'm Home-Educated to!

  9. Hi and welcome to BZPower! Be sure to read the new member Q&A Before you post.

  10. Thanks HeatWave I didn't know, sorry. : (

    And Taka i added you.

    Takua out!

  11. Do you think it's a .gif?

    if so i'll make my own.

  12. Hello Malvoleunomy, how did you get your Avatar to spin like that?

    thanks in advance


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