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  1. Respawn


    Thanks. I forgot to use 1-pixel line for this comic. :/
  2. Respawn


    Yeah, I hate how they instantly start drowning.
  3. Respawn


    Thank you everybody. Shenanigans are my type of humor.Comic 003This comic uses the new background and bigger panels. That's a blue Mandelbrot fractal.
  4. Respawn


    Well, I guess I can make it bigger. I like the idea of having compact comics though.
  5. Respawn


    New Comic!Comic 002Based on what almost happened to my stupid friend.
  6. Respawn


    Haha. Thank you. Expect a new comic tonight or tomorrow evening.
  7. Respawn


    So after a many-year hiatus from BZPower, I have returned. Oh haha I changed my name. I have a comic now. (Again) and it is time to read them. I never was good at topic.COMICSComic 001Comic 002Comic 003Thank you for reading.
  8. Respawn


    Nope, this is my own unique idea. Expect an update tonight or tomorrow!
  9. Respawn


    Yup. PM me your address and I will mail you a cookie. Good job! I just realized the arm looks discolored, it's supposed to be dark dark blue. I wonder what happened.
  10. Respawn


    That's from the comic post up at the top. It may be shot in Minecraft, but it is Bionicle-based. -Rez It may say it.. But if you actually read the comics.. Is it Bionicle related at all..? Or does it progress into Bionicle stuff..? Cause otherwise it's lieing. It progresses into Bionicle, the current character is actually an infamous bionicle. And, it's lying, not lieing
  11. Respawn

    War Revelations

    Hello comic readers, Verniahk here.Since my last comic bombed, I decided to run a new one. This is about one Matoran's struggle to survive in an endless war. There will be new comics every week or so. I will sometimes put in more than one a week, but I will try to put in at least one comic per week, consistently. The drawing style is inspired by that of one of Tapika's comics. IF you wish to guest star, I am willing to oblige, but please no more than ten at a time. You do not need to give me a sprite sheet, only body color, eye color, and mask. I will sometimes include comic makers in comics, perhaps fighting in the background, or as a minor nonrecurring character. If you see yourself give me a holler and I will make a special comic for you.COMICSScalladrax part 1Scalladrax part 2Scalladrax part 3Scalladrax part 4GUEST STARS (me no likey that term) TEMPORARY SOLDIERS1. GUEST STARS (me no likey that term either) HONORED SOLDIERS1. hope that you all enjoy the comics, and I hope that they shall have some longevity. To all, happy reading!
  12. Respawn


    Aw come on, adapt adapt adapt adapt! This is a cool comic series. About exploding: If they exploded when angered/killed, wouldn't they evolve into Creepers?
  13. Respawn


    Thank you. If you think that the humor reminds you of who the character may be, if you guess right, I will give you a cookie.
  14. Respawn


    Well it was the best way I could show early-morning blurry-eyedness. :PYay! I got comic 002 up! Feel free to read, and comment, and send me a suggestion PM!
  15. Respawn


    Nope, not Lewa. You cab haves cooky If u geus the charcafter. Glad you like the new series, I think I will use a different font for each character so you can easily define who it is. Totally, I just did it like that because the character just woke up. I think playing on high FOV looks horrendous.
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