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  1. How'd you get a green version of the mask in your avatar?

    1. Zarohum



    2. Sybre



  2. Good. Someone needed to do this.This just phenomenal. No way to describe this. And the guns... Just amazing.
  3. Okay, guys, I'm sorry, but I'm going to be busy probably until mid may. There's just so much school stuff I have to do, plus family issues, not to mention that my interest in Bionicle is fading. I doubt I'll even be very active on BZP anymore, and if I am, I most likely won't finish the epic. So here's the rest of what I had planned.Zarohum goes and finds an organization working with technology based on the great beings'. There, he finds his old teammate, Kaadra. They, along with some other Toa go back into the Matoran universe and find Darissen. Darissen has been infected by a plague for around 20,000 years, and the rest of his team is nowhere in sight. Then, they find Jorasha, whose mind has been separated from his body. It turns out Viase drew his mind out of his body, and put it in his own. They go back to Spherus Magna, where the Antari Mahra are attacking, trying to take back an ancient data crystal. It's revealed that Viase was once a regular Toa, and expert mask maker, who made masks of all different kinds for himself. He went mad from all his power and a group of Toa erased his memory. He joined Deesra's team, but knew they were hiding something from him. He tortured them until they revealed his memories and powers were stored in the crystal, but they didn't know where it went. For thousands of years, he was co-leader of the Antari, working with them to find the crystal and other technology. Around the time of the Great Cataclysm, Zarohum's Hagah team ended up with the crystal. Zarohum took it with him, and hid it while the others fought the Antari. They won, but Zarohum never returned. Darissen left the team, and it just fell apart after that. Viase had followed Zarohum and killed him, taking the crystal and Zarohum's memories with him. Zarohum temporarily took control of the body and jumped into a pool of energized protodermis, trying to kill Viase. Zarohum and Jorasha fight back Viase's mind, nearly destroying it. Zarohum wakes up thousands of years later.Present day, Zarohum finding out he is really Viase brings back his memories. Jorasha tries to stop him, but Zarohum is repressed, and Viase takes control, stealing the crystal from the base. While making his escape, he passes Kaadra, and Kaadra fights and kills him. At the last second, he turns back into Zarohum and dies.I had a sequel planned, in which Kaadra is writing about Zarohum, but his spirit takes control of her body and writes "I am still here." They go on a quest to restore Zarohum and Jorasha. I was still working on the rest of the story.I would be happy to clear up any questions. I probably left a lot of necessary details out. Anyway, as I said, I'm going to be inactive for a while, but I'll check my notifications. If you have any questions, ask them in the review topic. I';m sorry i couldn't finish, but I'm just too busy. Thank you to all of you who have read my story. I can't thank you enough.
  4. Who speaks for the trees?

  5. Dr. Seuss Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

  6. Wow. Just wow. The detail you put into this... You made it look exactly like her, but nothing like the set. And I love the hair. By far the best revamp I've ever seen.
  7. Well, the 3-D movies are only this year.Actually, the current plan is one a year, so Episode I was this year, II would be next year in 2013, etc.So, Lucas won't be making anything new?The Clone Wars has at least two more seasons, if I recall correctly, so it'll either end in 2013 or 2014. I expect the live-action TV series will spring up after TCW is done. Not to mention video games, though with TFU3's apparent cancellation, I'm not sure if that'll be coming back.You've also got novels and comics, which I suspect will continue being written until the end of time.Well, since TFU II didn't do so well (For obvious reasons. Sorry if you disagree, which your avatar suggests you might), I doubt they'd bother. Plus what are they gonna do? Clone Marek again?Don't worry, I hated TFUII. Though I must point out that Marek['s clone] is still alive at the end of TFUII, as well as Kota, with Darth Vader in custody, so something has to be resolved there for the sake of continuity.Anyway, yeah. Star Wars ain't goin' nowhere.Ok, well... I've never played either one. Own the first one, my computer's just to ###### to play it. Even though, just like The Old Republic, i was with it since the beginning of production. ;_;Well, uh... TFUII is between IV and V, right?
  8. Tahu Mistika is in my top 20 favorite sets.And I liked the Inika build. I'm gonna pretend I disagree with this only because Greg might read this. So I agree with you until he does. In his defense, though, I cried at Matoro's death.
  9. Where's Donut? He's had more screentime than Lopez. :P

  10. What about the insane Av-Matoran from Karahni? :POk, I'm trying too hard. The reson I'm pointing out the ones you missed is ecause there's so little, and it's fun for me to see if you actually did this right. Which you did.
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