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  1. IC Yuna - Oki Village "Okay, I'll get it up from the mud, then you guys pull it ashore. Then we can get it emptied out and patched up. Just uh... Will hammer me when you're ready, I guess?" I shrugged, then turned and stepped into the water before anyone could question me about it. I was about to do the hardest thing I'd ever done with my abilities and I hoped to Zuto Nui that it wouldn't seem too out of place. A surge of bubbles erupted from my mask as I drove under, a few easy kicks propelling me down to where the ship was entrenched in the sandy mud of the dock. I floated serenely for a moment, letting the subtle underwater currents wash across me and soothe my mind and body. And then I got ready.
  2. IC Yuna Koizumi: Right. "Well, I'm gonna need at least one other Mindarm on the surface while I work from under water. There's only a couple holes to worry about, but they're pretty low down so we have to get it up pretty high out of the water." @ARROW404@Click£
  3. IC Yuna - Oki Village: "Think we've got enough folks we can multi-task, I need your help raising the boat, Ahri." 'Saihoko pragmatism at its finest,' I thought to myself bitterly. Truth was though, that the longer we hung around here, the more likely we were to run into trouble. @Keeper of Kraata
  4. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki village: I shrugged agreeably, "Happy to learn, I just never had the time or a teacher before, ykmow? Or... well,. a reason to learn I suppose." Part of me dreaded what would happen when we got to Sado, but another part of me hoped that the Imperial healers might be able to un-**** whatever was wrong with my brain. Who knows, maybe I could be a proper Menti after all? It was a quiet, cautious hope.
  5. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Village: The silence had grown increasingly awkward, punctuated only by the occasional gesture. It was a painfully familiar kind of silence that I'd been more than happy to not deal with for a while. It was difficult not to wonder on the contents of those silent conversations I could not hear. It was instinctual, almost natural that I faded into the background, a silent, deaf observer of things I couldn't even begin to fathom. Ikyazu broke the silence unexpectedly, which drew me out of that line of thought, and I reengaged a bit, though to be honest, with as many actual Menti here, I much suspected they'd habitually slip back into thought-speak again before long.
  6. IC Yuna: I wasn't able to mind arm rubble away, and Raika was two steps ahead of me in the physical clearing department. By the time I got down to help out, she'd already revealed the face of our newest rescue. I gave her a a half grin and the other half of a wave, "Heya!" She looked pretty awful, but then, who wouldn't, being trapped under a building for Zataka knows how long? I worked with Raika to clear enough debris so she could fit, then reached down to her. "Grab hold, sister, we're gettin' you outta there."
  7. IC Yuna Koizumi - Definitely Not Abandoned Oki Village: The situation kept getting stranger by the minute. One thing was for certain, though. This village was not nearly as abandoned as it seemed. There were survivors here. By some grace of Zuto Nui, they'd held out long enough for our merry band of misfits to find them. Which was nice, but it also meant more people I now had to lie to about myself. I was beginning to wish I hadn't started doing that. Like it or not though, I'd do my part to help. I followed along, though I did notably linger near the rear of the group.
  8. IC Yuna Koizumi - Not so abandoned Oki Village: I relaxed a little, letting my hand fall from from my sword. "Did you see what happened here?" @Lady Takanuva @Keeper of Kraata @ARROW404
  9. IC Yuna - Oki Abandoned Village: The sound of footsteps of someone who was definitely not Raika or Ahri met my ears, and my head turned as my body unconsciously tensed, my hand flying to the tsuka of my katana. "Whoa, hey, hold it there! Who are you?" @ARROW404 @Keeper of Kraata @Lady Takanuva
  10. IC Yuna: Looking over the two of them, whatever they'd found didn't seem obvious, and a glance around the surrounding area offered no additional clues, so I shrugged apologetically, "Alright, I give up, what did you find?"
  11. IC Yuna - Abandoned Oki Village: So much for lightening the mood. Shoot, I hadn't meant to bother Raika with the idea. "Well, it's gonna take some doing but I think we can get her up again. There is a couple of uh... Bodies... In there, though. One of those things is inside. Dead, but... Yeah." I shook my head, "Anyway, there's only a couple holes that absolutely need patching, if we can get her a little higher onto the beach I can do a quick fix so we can get her back on the water." I glanced back at the ship. "First task will be to get her unstuck from the mud. What about you guys, did you find anything?" @Keeper of Kraata @Lady Takanuva
  12. IC - Onu-Wahi: In the bad old days, the tunnels of Onu-Koro had to be heavily patrolled and lit to keep the darkness of Makuta at bay. Even then, it was ill advised to travel the winding paths alone, after all, the dark was dangerous, and deep within the earth it was ever present. Anything could be lurking in the shadows back then. These days of course, things were far less turbulent. The main highways were easily some of the safest roads one could take on the island, and even the side tunnels that led to various homesteads and underground lakes were relatively free of dangerous Rahi. Attacks did still happen from time to time, be it a particularly bold or desperate Rahi, or even the odd highwayman, but by and large, Onu-Wahi was a safe place to travel. So the soft patter of thin sandals on earth did not overmuch bother one Tonk the miner as he made his way home in the dark with nothing more than a pick over his shoulder and a light stone attached to his mask. His pockets jangled with the day's pay. It had been a good day, a fresh vein of iron had been discovered, and everyone had worked hard to get that ore. Up ahead, he began to see the source of the footsteps, a Toa, from the look of it. Tall and white, with bits of blue on him. Maybe one of those Ice Toa. It seemed a little strange that he didn't have a light stone, but Think supposed you never knew what kind of crazy mask powers those Toa had. Could be something to let him see in the dark for all he knew. He was a miner, not a mask maker, or a soldier. He did notice something...very wrong, however. The Toa's right arm. It looked sickly. Tonk frowned and stepped forward a little faster, intending to ask the Toa if he needed help, but the question died in his mouth as he got a truly good look at it. It wasn't sickly, it was bare. Almost no flesh remained on it, exposing much of the protodermic skeleton to the world. The Toa seemed not to be bothered at all, and Tonk against his better judgement spoke up. "I don' mean to pry, Mister, but're you alright? Yer arm seems a lil... Sickly." The Toa stopped and gazed at the Matoran with cold blue eyes that sent a shiver down his spine and made him absolutely sure that this Toa was indeed of Ice. The Toa raised the arm and splayed the skeletal fingers slightly. "Fear not, little one, this is simply the price I paid for a gift." His voice was smooth and low, and would have been pleasant were it not for the smile on his face that was not matched by his eyes. Eyes that kept that same cold stare. "Here. I'll show you." The Toa moved suddenly in a blur of motion, and a horrible chill found it's way into Tonk's stomach. The Toa knelt before him now. And he was holding something in his left hand. Tonk slowly gazed down and went pale as he saw what he held. A veritable spear of cold, black obsidian had been driven through his midsection. He opened his mouth to shout for help, but the Toa clamped that horrible skeletal hand over his mouth. "Shhhhhhhhh. Return now to Nothing, and be at peace." The Toa held his gaze as his arm sent a pulse of some strange energy into him. And as he began to disintigrate from the face outward, his last thoughts were of the home he would never return to. Cyrek stood, absorbing the obsidian spike as he plucked the pouch of widgets from the doomed matoran. The Disintigration reached the light stone on his mask and soon enough, the tunnel was plunged into darkness once again. The Cy-Toa activated his own mask, stealing the energy from the corpse as it continued to be reduced to nothing but dust, no trace to be left behind as Cyrek continued down the tunnel, the soft patter of thin sandals now joined by a faint jingle of widgets in the darkness.
  13. IC Luten: 'Mister Kale, what's a rock-she?' Luten, though not physically engaged with the conversation, was nonetheless still listening and curious about things. @Silvan Haven
  14. IC Yuna - Abandoned Oki Village: I came upon the other two breaking apart from a moment of closeness. Eager to get my mind off of horrible bug serpents, I couldn't help but to laugh a little. "Sheesh, I leave the two of you for a few minutes and you start getting handsy with each other?" I teased. @Lady Takanuva @Keeper of Kraata
  15. IC Luten: All eyes were on her, a fact Luten became keenly aware of. A ripple of red passed through her body as she stepped down onto the proffered hand meekly. "Ah, sorry Mister Kale, Miss Ayiwah. I just got excited." She fidgeted for a moment before dissipating entirely for the time being. Kale would feel a flush of heat over his cheeks, evidently Luten was embarrassed by the situation she'd inadvertantly created. @Silvan Havenv @Vezok's Friend
  16. IC Luten - Ga-Koro: "My name is Luten, Miss- whoah! You look kinda like me!" Luten blinked out of existence for a moment, reappearing straddling Ayiwah's shoulder facing away from her, gently tapping on the crystalline armor she wore. "You're way more blue though..." @Vezok's Friend
  17. IC Luten - Ga-Koro: The small pink person in question had her gaze pointed skyward as the clouds darkened and gathered. Simultaneously, she felt a familiar tug on her senses. Like the one she'd felt in Le-Koro when Oreius had been nearby. She leapt down onto Kale's shoulder, and gave the collar of his coat a small tug, before pointing off to his right "Mr.Kale, I thought we were gonna talk to Miss Leah, but I think she's over there!"
  18. IC Yuna - abandoned Oki Village: I stepped into the water and felt a comforting familiarity surround me as I dove beneath the surface. I was in control here. I swam around the fishing vessel, inspecting the hull for damage. It was relatively minor, all things considered. Some spots looked as though they'd been melted away, while others seemed to be splintered from some kind of explosion. The largest hole was also the lowest on the ship, and looked like something had blasted it's way out from inside. Curious, I squeezed through the gap partway, twisting my head to look around. I almost clawed a new hole in the side when I caught sight of the arm of one of those serpent-bug things reaching out from the darkness. A stream of bubbles erupted from my mouth in a soundless shriek. It was dead. And so was the Menti floating a few feet behind it. I forced myself to swim past, not wanting to get too close to the shell if that thing, and not wishing to disturb the dead woman who'd clearly given her life to take it with her. The rest of the boat was empty, thankfully, save for the occasional fish and a single crab. It wasn't sunk into the mud very deeply, either, which would make getting her floating again a little easier. That big hole would need patching, however, and that meant we'd have to.... Deal.... With that thing. First things first was to get back to Ahri and Raika. They'd know what to do about it. I hoped. I swam back to the surface, and climbed out of the water, and started toward where I'd seen Ahri last. @Lady Takanuva@Keeper of Kraata
  19. IC Yuna Koizumi - Abandoned? Oki Village: Open, not broken doors with remnants of people's lives was an optimistic sign. The lack of bodies was also a relief. The people of this village had fled, to live another day. A dark thought crossed my mind that they may have simply been run down somewhere outside the village as they fled. I pushed that thought down. I spotted one or two canoes that the people who fled had evidently deemed unneeded or too damaged to use. More intriguing was the half submerged fishing trawler sticking placidly out of the water. Judging by what I could see from it, it might hold a couple dozen people...if it could be raised. More importantly, if it could be raised without my secret coming out. I pointed to it. "Might be able to use that. I'll need to assess the damage, first." @Keeper of Kraata
  20. IC Luten - Ga-Koro - Kale: Luten was looking much better now that she was on stable ground again. Her bout of seasickness hadn't been serious, but it was certainly unpleasant. Her form was still tinged with green and she sat on Kale's shoulder, happily taking in the sights and sounds of Ga-Koro. And the smells. Mostly of market and food stalls. Every so often she nudged Kale and asked about one food or another. @Silvan Haven
  21. last i remember for that character she was setting up home in Onu-Koro? admittedly it's been a while.
  22. IC Yuna: I grimaced at the all too familiar realization that Ahri had attempted ideatalk before realizing I couldn't hear it, but I nodded and followed along all the same. My hands tightened along the grip of my sword.
  23. IC Yuna I frowned, "Any fires from the attacks would have burnt out by now. Could be trouble. Could also be someone trying to survive... Either way, we should be careful." With the dull scrape of wood on crystal, I drew the flame scorched katana at my side. @Keeper of Kraata @Lady Takanuva
  24. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Coastline: "No worries, I'll use my sash." I pulled the bow tied behind me apart and unwrapped it from my midsection. It didn't really hold anything up, it was my one vanity, really. I took the dagger, the staff, and the sash and set to work. "Not exactly a sword, but with those things, all the reach you can get is crucial." Being a Saihoko was good for one thing, at least. I could make stuff out of other stuff pretty easily now. learning how to make and mend all of my own things had been..... illuminating. All it took was a nice bit of wrapping and a good strong knot and I'd made a half decent spear. "There we go." I held it out. "You two can uh.... figure out who gets to use it, I guess?" OOC: @Keeper of Kraata@Lady Takanuva
  25. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki coastline "Unless you're a lot stronger than you look, I dunno how much use those will be." I held out my hands, "Lemme see that staff and one of your daggers for a sec, some of that binding, too." Ooc: @Lady Takanuva
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