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  1. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro That perked his hearing. Business partnerships were always something to consider with a focused mind, and so being, Tarkahn unceremoniously tossed his screwdriver aside, and took a proper look at the proposals laid out. "A working relationship is good, but I think perhaps we can make things a touch more official, and profitable, for the both of us. In truth, I had intended to retake that outpost at the cable station, but if you've already established yourself there I'm loathe to kick you out...." The wiry man adjusted the lenses on his mask as he read further in. "Continue your tolls, divert 40 percent to Ko-Koro. Civilians only. Any military members of any Koro should be exempt from the tolls. I'd like to station some of my guard there, as well." He frowned. "I'm afraid I can't entertain the final proposal you've put forth. however. Not for Ko-Wahi's criminal elements, anyway. I won't discourage you from bringing in reformed people, but I can't officially pardon every former lawbreaker you might employ." The Akiri gave a wry grin, "Not officially. Under your employ, they would be considered contractors, and I could have my people look the other way. depending of course, on the severity of their former crimes. Speaking of which, are you sure you want to stick with the name? Might hurt your business to keep it, being associated with past events as it is, you know?"
  2. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: With a small chime, Luten dissapeared and reappeared on Praggos' left shoulder. "Ready!"
  3. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: "Ooh, me next!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down excitedly. she'd put her tiny hands over the sides of her head, but seemed entirely unaffected by the loud sounds. She paused after a moment, however. "Wait, is there a small one for me?"
  4. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro: "I am, though not all of what I've heard was good. I suppose you've also come for work, like your former coworker, then?" @Whisper
  5. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: Got it, we'll be extra safe! There was a brief tightness around Kale's face, but it quickly relented as soon as it had begun and then Luten was off again. "Mr. Kale said I could help!"
  6. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: "I'll go ask!" She said brightly, disappearing before Praggis or Skyra could say anything otherwise. Kale would hear a soft chime. Mr. Kale, can I help Mr. Praggos and Ms. Skyra practice shooting? We're gonna be real careful, Mr. Praggos said we'd wear hearing protection!" @Silvan Haven
  7. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro: "In that case, consider yourself a paid agent. Speak to my Guard Captain, Korzaa, she'll get you situated. Train my people well, and you will be paid in kind." He waved the Vortixx out, and was about to breathe a sigh of relief at being done with talking for a bit when another Vortixx was brought in. "Minnorak, here to talk to you, Akiri," said the guard who escorted the man in. "Of course. What can I build for you?" The Akiri asked habitually, before correcting himself, "Sorry, what did you want to speak to me about?" @Daniel the Finlander @Whisper
  8. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: "Ooh, I can help with shooting practice!" Luten's inner glow turned a bright blue in excitement, and she pointed to her mask form currently on Kale's face.
  9. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Waters: Stupid. Absolutely stupid. The whole situation was just utterly ridiculous. First the fire took all of her sisters and now the whole archipelago it seemed was being overrun by those.... Things. The things had killed at least one of everyone's sisters, and once again, because of her stupid, useless powers, Yuna hadn't been around to help. Not that it would have made much difference. One Menti with no powers and a katana were about as dangerous to those creatures as a Nui-Kopen to a Kanohi Dragon. Stupid. She sighed into the water, and began to swim back up to her tiny fishing boat. At least out here, she felt right. The water had always called to her, welcomed her, protected her, provided for her. Even now, her fishing spear weighed heavily with her catch. Catch she couldn't even sell now because no markets were open. Just refugee camps. Camps that needed food. Stupid. At least the creatures hadn't taken much interest in the water. No lives to take or villages to destroy down here, she supposed. Some of the larger Rahi had gotten more territorial and aggressive though. That was unusual. Then again her whole life right now was pretty unusual. Stupid. None of that mattered anyway. Right now, she had food, and she needed to prepare it. Or at least get it cleaned and ready for cooking. She breached the surface slowly, looking around to make sure there weren't any of those things around, before clambering up into her little boat and rowing slowly and silently back up the coast. OOC: Yuna OFI!
  10. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro: "I need a great many things. If I were to hire you, you'd be one piece of a much larger contraption. I am not a warrior, I'm sure you can tell. But I know warriors, what they need, what they want. Dependable equipment. A hot meal. Good pay for bloody work. These I can provide." He turned to regard the Vortixx. "My people need guardians and teachers, not more occupying forces. If you can assist in training my people so they might defend themselves, I could consider hiring you. If that isn't something you can do, perhaps you know others who could. If not, then the most I can offer is Rahkshi patrols. The dark walks have become more active lately and the Rahkshi grow bolder by the day."
  11. IC Tarkahn - Ko-Koro "I have. I also heard they weren't doing very well before they disbanded, so I'll take your words with a grain of salt." he stood, scooping up a screwdriver as he moved to the partially disassembled Exo-Matoran in the corner, and began tinkering. it helped him focus. "You say you have experience. Can you teach?"
  12. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro: "Akiri, there's someone here to talk to you." Tarkahn looked up, annoyance clear on his face at the interruption, but it fell away almost as quickly. he rubbed the brow of his mask, and nodded, "Yes, yes, have them come in." As the someone was indeed let in, Tarkahn could not help but to sigh internally. Dealing with people was not his strong suit, hopefully this would be over sooner than later. the being that came in was far from whatever the Akiri had expected, however, and a Sanctum guard came in alongside him. Which made a lot of sense, considering the Vortixx before him was about as loaded for war as one could conceivably be. After a brief moment, Tarkahn remarked drily, "I take it you aren't here to talk about trade routes?"
  13. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: She stuck her tiny crystal tongue out at Skyra.
  14. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: Can we ride on one someda- someone new is upstairs! I'll go see who it is! A gentle chime sounded in Kale's mind as Luten materialised herself up on the main deck once more, standing on the railing of the ship, hands on her hips. "Who goes there?!" she cried with false bravado, unaware that introductions had already taken place.
  15. IC Tarkahn - Ko-Koro With a deep sigh, the newly elected Akiri of Ko-Koro adjusted the cover on a nearby heatstone, rubbed his temples and peered over the collection of tablets and paper before him. Documentation had beeen an important part of his work before, but in politics it seemed never ending. Truth be told, Tarkahn was still trying to process the fact that he'd been the one the people wanted in charge. An Onu-Matoran, in charge of the City of Ice. He snorted derisively at the irony of it all. Still, it wasn't like he could do much worse in life. now he had more resources to put toward his own experiments, and burgeoning partnerships with several of the other Koro. He had big plans for Ko, too. The city had long been far too isolationist, closed off to it's neighbors. To that end, Tarkahn had begun the process of negotiating with Nuparu to bring the underground highways up to the city proper, the cool tunnels perfect for trade goods coming from the icy city to both Onu and Le-Koro. He'd also petitioned Nuparu to share the designs for the Exo-Matoran, arguing that with Rahkshi activity increasing, Ko-Koro would need the ability to build better defensive capabilities for itself. In truth, he didn't expect Nuparu to see reason in that regard, and to this end, had begun research into reverse engineering the suits using the one he had been given. Even now it sat across the room from him, half disassembled. The new Akiri hadn't stopped there, however. while his interest in the Exo-Matoran technology was in part a selfish desire for knowledge, it was an unavoidable truth that Ko's defenses were lacking. this being the case, he had spoken with a team of Toa, the Kalta, about becoming the Koro's official defenders. Additionally, he had negotiated with other Koro's to lead training exercises, ones that were now mandatory for anyone who lived in Ko-Koro(and open to outsiders as well for a modest price). In the future, should the city come under attack again, every person inside the walls would be able to assist in her defense. As a show of good faith, Tarkahn had released the secrets to the microphone technology that Ko used as an early warning system, and had negotiated with Po-Koro in particular to begin the process of connecting the two Koro with telegram lines, ensuring that communication to allies would never be unavailable. All of these measures had come with mountains of paperwork, however, and this, Tarkahn had not been prepared for. his eyes ached, and his brain fumbled over the weight of confounding legal terms for every tiny detail. He'd never been one for the three virtues, but this duty of his now..... well, it felt important. he felt important. And for a man with an ego such as his(though he'd never admit it), being important felt good.
  16. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: Iron Mahi, that's the big metal thing that people can ride in over land, right? Luten's voice pinged gently in Kale's mind. @Silvan Haven
  17. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: The little Living Mask took on a puzzled expression, and disappeared once more, appearing before Skyra. "What's that word mean, 'daddy'? I've never heard that word before, Ms. Skyra." @Snelly
  18. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: Luten's entire body shone with a pink glow for a moment, and she huffed and rolled right off of Kale's head, disappearing for a moment before reappearing at his feet, still glowing slightly pink, but she waved at the newcomer, a polite smile on her tiny face. "Hello! I'm Luten! It's nice to meet you! Are you a friend of Mr. Kale?" @Krayzikk @Snelly @Silvan Haven
  19. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: There was a delicate, crystalline chime sound as Luten materialized herself atop Kale's head. If Luten had been a regular being of regular size, this might have caused distress or injury. But Luten was anything but regular. At a little under ten inches tall and made entirely of crystalline energy, she barely weighed anything at all. So her precarious looking position atop Kale's mask, laying across the top belly down, and peering down at Kale hardly even caused a stir in the Fe-Toa. "You know, I don't actually have to be out like this to see people, Mr. Kale." @Silvan Haven
  20. The Living Mask Name: Luten Species: Living Mask Description(Mask): A well worn Sanok, with black rectangles under the eyes that help to not reflect light from the cheeks into the eyes, and a small carved kohlii ball picture on the left side. Description(Spirit): A blue and purple crystalline humanoid wearing a Sanok, with a shapely figure that glows with a soft inner light which changes color depending on her mood. Gender: Female Alignment: Chaotic Good Powers: Able to increase the accuracy of her wearer, as well as intuitively understand how best to use a ranged weapons through host contact or her own physical contact. Able to create a small crystal version of herself to interact in the real world. This persona varies in size but is never larger than 10 inches tall. She can manifest this persona up to 20 feet from her maskself. Has the ability to "sense" potential hosts. This ability only allows her to sense Matoran, Toa, and Turaga, with Toa being the easiest to feel. Personality: Almost childlike, Luten is carefree and bubbly, and loves new things, learning more everywhere she goes. She especially delights at seeing new types of food, and regularly encourages her hosts to try new things, and describe them for her. History: Born from an accidental lightning strike from the Red Star, Luten is similar to Anxilia, but as a natural occurrence has some key differences to her artificially made siblings. Originally born the mask of a kohlii player named Sarcen Vale, her first host was attacked and died soon after, leaving Luten alone in the Le-Wahi jungle. Found by Toa Kale Ironshaper, she's since become his partner and a valued member of the Fowadi crew. The Kentoken Toa Name: Yuna Koizumi Species: Toa of Water Gender: Female Description: Yuna is a little shorter than most, with a curvy figure. Her armor is varying shades of dark blue, with accents of brass that could almost look gold in the right light. She wears simple clothing, generally in blue and brown. She wears a Kaukau. Behind the mask, her eyes are a pleasant gold. Powers/Weapons: Elemental power of water, a crystal katana with a metal tsuba engraved with the name Koizumi, and charred slightly by flames. Weaknesses: Hot tempered, quick to strike first. Though her raw power with water is great, Yuna lacks control and experience, hiding her abilities out of fear. Unable to access any of the Menti disciplines as a Ga-Toa. Personality: Yuna puts on an air of disinterest in most things, but harbors a lot of bottled resentment of Dasakan caste culture, as well as a lot of self loathing. She is generally kind, but has a quick temper which she expresses with a quick tongue and scathing sarcasm. History: Unlike most Toa who wash up on the island of Mata Nui, Yuna washed up in the Kentoku archipelago, on the island of Oki. With no memories, she wandered the jungle for days, not knowing who, what, or where she was. She'd have died were it not that fortune favored her, and she was discovered by a small clan, Koizumi. This clan, amounting to no more than a village at most, nursed Yuna back to health, and took her in, raising her as best they could, and teaching her of their culture, they even tried to help her use her mental abilities, to no avail. At some point she discovered her connection to water, and although excited at the prospect, was deeply afraid she'd be cast out and kept it a secret from her sisters. Despite this, life was peaceful for the young Toa of Water. Until the fire. Away from the village at the time to fish and practice her own discovered ability with water at the time, flames consumed her entire village and everyone within. When she returned the only things left were the Clan's ceremonial sword and ashes. Grieving among the remains of her village, she took the blade of her clan, as well as what money she had, and left after burying her entire clan, lost once again in the world. She eventually found her place, but despite having seemingly moved on and becoming a fisherwoman, she's never truly let go of the fire and her lost sisters. Clan: Koizumi( only remaining member) Caste: Saihoko Discipline: None Alignment: Neutral Good The Dragon Character Name: Katrin Long Species: Dasaka Description: https://www.heroforge.com/load_config%3D23609275/ Gender: Female Powers/Weapons: The only weapons Kat relies on is her own body and mind, both of which she seeks constantly to improve. She specializes in the Heart and Rage techniques, but is less proficient in both than full practitioners. She knows how the other techniques of her people work, but has yet to begin using and applying them effectively. Personality: Kat is a cheerful soul, easy going and unafraid of hard work and effort. Her mindset is straightforward, but not simple. History: One of many young Dragons striking out in a world that becomes ever more dangerous, Kat's goal is to discover as many different fighting styles and techniques as she can, in the interest of creating the ultimate martial art, one that will make her unbeatable. To this end, when she found that there was an evacuation to a whole new land, she jumped, both at the chance and aboard the first ship that would let her. The Akiri Character Name: Tarkahn Species: Onu-Matoran Description: Rather than the stout builds of many Onu-Matoran, Tarkahn is tall, and thin. Black and purple in color, Tarkahn carries a large satchel within which he keeps various odds and ends of many things, mostly small machinery. He wears an old Ruru that hardly even fits his face, and has a pair of magnifying lenses for precise work. Wears a knee brace on his left leg due to an experiment that got a little out of hand. Gender: Male Powers/Weapons: Exo-Matoran Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, Tarkahn is not as physically powerful as many other beings. Thinks he's much smarter than he is, and is generally asocial. History: Tarkahn worked as a wandering consultant, offering his expertise to a select few in his travels. His original home was a small studio in Onu-Koro, and he regularly stopped by to check on his competition. Ran a small side business in Ko-Koro, selling special weapons of his own design, as well as most of the native tech weapons found on Mata Nui. Now the Akiri of Ko-Koro, Tarkahn finds his hands full with all of the duties sudden;y put upon him. Alignment: True Neutral Personality: Tarkahn is an Inventor, constantly tinkering and creating. Arrogant and proud, he thinks most beings are beneath him intellectually. Finds the worship of Mata Nui or Makuta ridiculous, and is openly disdainful of any who practice such acts. His lack of social graces have gotten him into trouble more than once, but his shrewd sense of self preservation has saved him on many an occasion. He cares little for the politics and conflicts of people, preferring to focus on scientific endeavors, but recent events have forced his hand into the world of inter-koro politics and negotiations. Suit ID: DF60 Nickname: Unnamed Pilot: Tarkahn Weapons: Usually unarmed, as Tarkahn rarely leaves Ko-Koro with it. On rare occasions, he will arm it with dual patero rifles, but is in the midst of creating more specialised weaponry for it, in the interests of testing various weapon layouts. Description: Usually in a state of unassembly, when it's not being tinkered on, the DF60 is a gunmetal machine, plain and unpainted. The Dark Monk Name: Cyrek Species: Cy-Toa Description: White and teal in color, Cyrek is an old, but powerfully built man. He wears a simple monks garb, and has an ear piercing made of a black Kahu feather. Cyrek's right arm appears skeletal and seems to lack any flesh, exposing his metallic bones. He wears a Great Mask of Scavenging. https://www.heroforge.com/load_config%3D23670001/ Gender: Male Powers/Equipment: Great Mask of Scavenging, Antidermis power of Disintigration. Elemental Crystal control. Weaknesses: Advanced age. Personality: Cyrek understands that all life came from Nothing, and will eventually return to Nothing. Makuta is Nothing, and so Cyrek serves the will of nothing, hastening the world to return to the natural order of Nothing, knowing that one day, he too, shall return to Nothing. He is even tempered, and seeks to spread the truth that Nothing is the natural state of the world. Alignment: Lawful Evil
  21. IC Odiina Brando - ISD Insight: Odiina had almost managed to forget about the past few days for a moment when she suddenly felt very, very wrong. Despair and anxiety crashed over her like an all consuming wave, and her breathing became shallow and frantic. Cold sweat formed on her brow, and the hair on the back of her neck sttod on end as if she'd become electrically charged. Nausea reared from inside; Odiina rushed to the nearest waste receptacle and voided her stomach. And then it was gone, but she still was wet and shaky and panicked for no clear reason. She wiped bile from her mouth, and on shaky legs decided it was time to go to med bay.
  22. IC Odiina Brando - ISD Insight - Mess Hall: A short search found the Stormtrooper in the mess, and at last, she felt a little more comfortable. Star Destroyer or not, this was familiar. Off duty troopers and officers just.... Relaxing a little. She wasn't hungry, but she hadn't been assigned anywhere yet either so here was as good a place as any. She found an open table and sat, the tightness in her chest loosening just a little.
  23. IC Katrin Nuva: "The last piece! I dunno why, but I'm real excited to see what happens now that the whole stone is complete!" Kat's thoughts turned to the future, as always. She'd never been one for dwelling on the past, and she certainly wasn't going to start now. Tomorrow would always bring a new day, and a new adventure. That much she was sure of.
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