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  1. I would probably like to meet Kal Grochi in real life, I would say vorex as well but I already go to school with him.
  2. A purple Pony with lucsious blue hair and awesome sunglasses
  3. None of them except for one. He is the one who introduced me to BZpower
  4. Name: MordakaiSpecies:ToaElement:waterMask: Kanohi Kakama (mask of speed)Powers/weapons: Inatead of trying to learn to control pre-existing water Mordakai has spent his whole life learning to convert his armour and body into water and back again. His main use of this is to improve his reaction time via his mask of speed and transform in order to avoid strikes by becoming a liquid.Alignment: NeutralBiography: He made his living as a free-lance body guard in Onu-wahi until one night a hired assassin almost killed him in his sleep. However he suffers from insomnia and was able to see the attacker coming. He managed to successfully fight his way to the window where he leapt out, transformed, and became intertwined with the rain. The next time all the parts of him were together was at the dock of Le-Wahi where he reformed. However because of being seperated for so long he has forgotten almost everything about himself; he remembers only his name and his elemental training.Physical Description: Slightly smaller than the average Toa with midnight blue armour and pakari.Personality: Because of the fact that he has no memory Mordakai is slightly on the gullible side and can be easily swayed by a solid argument. Rather friendly and ridiculously loyal. Will do anything for money, except betray a friend.Weapons: Doesn't use a weapon because on transformation they would simply drop to the floor.Weaknesses: When in liquid form if parts of him become seperated he cannot transform back. If he remains in liquid form for too long it has negative eeffects on his physical form. His insomnia can occaisonaly make him slightly sluggish but it is not too big a hindrance. He is very easily persuaded. He mainly relies on defense in a fight and rarely goes on the offense. He has very little to no control of pre-existing water having devoted his entire training to the transformation.
  5. Question. 9 Would you rather live without the internet or your girlfriend ?
  6. Question. 8 Given the option would you have surgery that enables you to know everything but become completely paralyzed in the process
  7. The sarcasm. But seriously think about it every single emotional moment you could possibly have would be ruined. "Vorex I love you" "I love you too" They would then burst into tears thinking you were heartless
  8. Question 7. Would you rather have to constantly tell the truth or constantly sound sarcastic ?
  9. Question. 6 Would you trade some of your intellect (down to about average) for a heightened ability to deal with emotion and social situations ?
  10. Question. 5 Would you rather see your own future but be incapable of changing it or see one of your friend's future but be unable to tell them.
  11. Question. 4 If there was a vampire jedi would the fact that he drank blood increase his midichlorian level ?
  12. Question. 3 If you had to live out the rest of your life (exactly as you are) inside a video game which one would you pick ?
  13. Question. 1 Who do you think would win in a fight between a tardigrade/pterodactyl cross species or a tardigrade/triceratops cross species Question. 2 If you could would you trade 7 of your fingers to be able to read minds (you get to keep one thumb) ?
  14. What other way ? I don't really care if she doesn't know I exist. Just introduce me as one of your friends
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