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    I have a general interest in various things and an unhealthy habit of watching Chinese cartoons.

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  1. 2.5/5 Something feels missing. It keeps building and building but it doesn't really pay off as I wish it would :/ https://youtu.be/hlgc3_4WL0M
  2. Ooh I get it because Kill La Kill is for scrubs!* *don't kill me
  3. There are only so many ways to respond "Toa Kopaka" and I think this thread has exhausted them all
  4. Granted, he respects a man named "Me". I wish I had a working motorbike
  5. The Fuhrer King President of Gallifrey. Good one lol
  6. Granted. Your skull is now two feet tall. I wish the anime Despera would finally start production
  7. 3.5/5 Not bad. I like the pace, and I can feel the rhythm. Sounds kind of like something you'd here from a high school band that's actually alright lol https://youtu.be/9B1M3IPVcXs
  8. I watched The Virgin Suicides a couple of nights ago. It's about a group of guys who take an interest in five sisters, and it just follows that story after the youngest sister's death. It doesn't sound very interesting at first, but the film played out alright. It's not the kind of movie that has a very clear "goal" for sure, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. It kept me curious I guess but it's certainly not the most enticing movie out there. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. It's not spectacular, but it's still a good movie in my opinion
  9. Granted, but they're only of good quality for their first use. After that, they deteriorate faster than you can say Smash Mouth. I wish the All Star meme wasn't so worn out
  10. 5 years is a long time to be away

  11. Granted. You catch a glimpse just before it eats you whole. I wish I was a monkey
  12. Granted, but it's to tell you that they won't be your friend anymore. I wish I didn't feel bad for corrupting someone's personal wish
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