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  1. The red star used to stay attached to the MU while it flew, and it orbited the planet when he landed. So, either it is orbiting Bara Magna, or it crashed into the planet when it lost signal from the robot (maybe it was remote controlled). I suppose once a faction in the game has enough technology, they may attempt to travel to the red star, for some reason. And the staff of Artakha was probably retrieved by Artakha, who would then have left the MU with it. An inmensely powerful being who can create things just by thinking about them and who carries a stick which can repair anything has to have some relevance in the lore. You just cannot ignore a guy who can plant himself in front of Velika, and conjure up a pit of lava under him. Artakha is the Tom Bombadil of Bionicle. He is ridiculously powerful, and could solve every single problem in the story for the protagonists. If only he actually cared... Edit: Actually, Artakha and the other ridiculously powerful beings in the universe reached Spherus magna in another way. BS01 says: Artakha later teleported himself to the Core Processor, interrupting a heated battle between Tuyet, Miserix, Brutaka, Axonn, Tren Krom, and Helryx. He expressed his anger at their methods of saving the universe, and Helryx identified him by his voice, speaking his name aloud and informing the rest of the group. Artakha ordered Tren Krom back to his island, and when the ancient entity disagreed, Artakha prevented him from taking Lewa's body, swapping back Tren Krom's and Lewa's minds. Helryx confronted Artakha about his interfering actions, but they were stopped by Teridax, who teleported the whole group outside of the Matoran Universe into space. They were saved from suffocation by Lewa, who created air bubbles around their heads. Artakha tried to teleport them back into the Core Processor, but found his attempt blocked by Teridax. He suggested teleporting the group directly to his destination, but warned them of the risks involved with the process.Before he could trigger the power, the group was saved by Vezon, who pulled them through a dimensional window, into a tower on Bota Magna, which served as the prison chamber of a Great Being maddened and cursed by the powers of the Ignika. The Great Being bid the assembled beings free him, and Artakha and the others immediately began arguing over whether or not they should do so. Which reminds me of the other beings we have to take into account. I don't quite remember who tuyet is (apart from a toa), but Miserix is a huge dragon with all the powers of the makuta, brutaka is an inmensely strong dude who can open portals, axonn carries around a huge axe, and can detect who tells the truth and who doesnt. Tren Krom is dead, because he was trapped in the MU when he was taken back to his body. Finally, Helryx is the leader of the Order, which is already situated in the lore. But all the others must be taken into account.
  2. Wait, the matoran universe was unhabitable because the life support systems were broken, yes. But who says you can't open a hole in the ceiling of metru nui so light can come in, chase out the zyglak and plant some veggies in? You just got yourself a fairly inhabitable ruined city. If you can also gather the materials, you can get yourself a fairly inhabitable not-so ruined city. What would be the problem? The systems which no longer work are those for keeping the air clean and the 'sun' shining. But a big hole in the ceiling solves that pretty well. That would be the reason why it costs so much money to colonise. If the problem is about position (maybe metru nui is upside down?) I have always thought that gravity in the MU doesn't work like outside. Either the domes rotate (and that is why they are domes) to always stay right side up, or the floor has a huge gravitational pull. If this wasn't like I say, imagine the tragedy it would be each time the robot lifts a knee. A whole chain of islands destroyed. And if he tilts his head down? All of the matoran in metru nui are squashed against the walls. And I don't even want to think what might have happened when it crashed into aqua magna. You might say that gravity is somehow made by the life support sistems, but don't forget that mata nui actually died briefly during the search for the mask of life. Did everyone on Metru nui float away? No. Did they fall towards the walls? No. Then gravity is archieved by one of the means I mentioned above. I like this idea because it can be the last resort for when Atero Nova falls. They are desperately looking for a place to defend themselves. A new power must rise to fight the enemy. Where do they go? With the MU colonists. They rebuild Metru Nui, larger than ever, and they are able to resist the makuta worshippers and Velika thanks to everything they found there.
  3. I see the MU is in a more 'i have just died and fell' position. But questions: what about the smaller prototype robot? What happened with that? And will the MU be explorable? My proposal is to adapt the 'In search for the new world' idea in EUIV which gives you conquistadors and explorers to 'exploring the MU'. It is the only terra incognita in the map, and you need conquistadors (renamed in some way. Pioneers?) to explore it. Once you are inside, you can get random events of scavenged resources and technology. While colonising it, you can be attacked by zyglak or visorak, much like natives in the vanilla game. If you are playing as a faction with matoran heritage, you get bigger advantages. Or even, if you play as the Order of Mata Nui (wasnt there a faction called kini nui? that one too), and you colonise all of the universe, you can make a decision which, in return for a LOT of manpower and ducats, you can rebuild the MU and move your capital to Metru Nui. The nation is then renamed to Matora. Funny how I can get an idea, and while I am writing, the idea gets larger and larger. Anyway, what do you think?
  4. Thank you for accepting me in the project! I will try to be as useful as i can. I am still thinking about that idea about the toa schism, who can die, who kills who, etc. I have got little time for brainstorming with exams this week, but as soon as I finish, I will see if I can write a draft to discuss here. Anything more required of me?
  5. When I say 'piraka', I mean the actual band of Vezok, Avak, Zaktan, Reidak, Thok and Hakann. Some of them were fused into the golden being, some were not. Anyway, I just noticed something: those piraka who were not fused had already been killed before, so that is discarted. Anyway, I am aware that the species' name is skakdi, and their ruler is Nektann. So, with the piraka out of the question, Ankhmou is the only possibility. Let's say Ankhmou organises something like what Palpatine does in SW. Trade disputes here, civil wars there, political instability, etc. Then, his final move is to attack the Council (again, cad bane in SW), which is the detonator for the already explosive situation. The war starts, two groups fight, and this third 'warrior class' group separates from the war. The war should not be ok 'killing' against 'non killing'. It is obvious which side would win. Much like harry potter, you can't fight a war against people who can kill you with two words just by trying to stun them or take away their magic sticks, no? That is why this movement of warriors should be people not interested in the war, who go into exile, and then act as a mediator between the two factions when they eventually sit down and talk about it. That way, the super power is divided, but they are not actually enemies: they get over it and join forces against the common enemy, helped by this japanese-ish offspring. One of the objectives for a New Atero player would be to re-unite the three factions into a greater country to resist the attacks of the makuta cultists. Much like Germany, Italy or Spain in EU4. Didn't you once say that New Atero was like the HRE? Here is another similarity, then! Edit: About the dying toa, there is quite a problem there. Of course, famous toa should die, but... Who will you kill? We have grown up with those characters. It is very hard to simply say 'Aaaaand, Jaller's dead. And so is Lewa. Do you remember MNOG? Well, Takanuva is also dead!!!' It is hard. And... is it absolutely necessary? There is a whole bunch of already mortal characters. Who have to die in some moment of the story. Them being assasinated would not make so much of a change. Or maybe, what about somebody steals the Mask of Life?? That, for the MAtoran, would be much worse than killing somebody. They are in fact, kidnapping their god...
  6. How about: The piraka! The remaining piraka (those who were not fused to form that golden being) exit from the MU, and fight in the battle of Bara Magna. They, however, don't have any interest in fighting with Nektann's skakdi, because they hate the guy, so they fight against them, and eventually kill Nektann. So, the inhabitants of the MU (many of whom have no idea who these people are) forgive them for any problems they might have caused in the past, becase they redeemed themselves in the battle. However, after everyone is settled down, the piraka use the people's trust in them to set up a crime organization. Teir biggest hit is to the building of the Council, where they assasinate some members, and keep others hostage (cad bane in Star Wars CW?). Among these members there are toa, and matoran. Eventually, they are defeated, and put to trial. The public (especially agori) blames the toa Mahri for not killing them when they had a chance. Some toa, who lost friends in the attack, also see how their ways of not killing beings who are actually inmortal can cause problems. The day the Piraka are to be sentenced by the Council, Tahu says that they should be banished to the desert, never to return again. Kopaka (whose friend Arktinen died in the attack?), however, answers that the piraka have been given too many opportunities. He reminds his brother how those same piraka had kept them hostage and maskless. Tahu and Kopaka get into a shouting match (again) and Kopaka ends up storming out of the room. The Council then votes what to do with the Piraka, and they are exiled. A small minority who sympathise with kopaka then form this new school of thought, and eventually separate from the ond school Toa. Yes, this would probably weaken New Atero, but only for a while. It should be a rather small group who separate from the council, all of them Matoran and toa (the agori have no problem killing anyway). But, they would travel to some area close to New Atero where agori lived already. These agori would accept Kopaka as leader (he is the most powerful in the place) after he defends them from a bone hunter raid. The toa and matoran then form the upper or 'samurai' class (they are inmortal, they have more time to get higher ranks than agori) and the agory form the citizens of the new state. Of course, this new state would be quite weak, as it is fragmented in six different terrirories, and it has a rather small population, but it would be a really close friend of Atero (maybe even vassal?). They just want to live according to their ideas, and bring justice to matoran and agori, even if they have to kill to gain it. Anyway, the Toa don't have the Code programmed into them. In the Toa Empire AU, they kill as much as they want. Helryx in the main universe kills too, as does the whole order. And didn't Lesovikk also kill zyglak? They just feel bad if they kill somebody, as everyone does. But kopaka... that guy doesn't know what 'feeling' is like. What do you think? If you like the overall idea, I can expand on it as much as you want. Feudal japan and bionicle are two of my biggest interests, so I can't wait to find a way to get them together! Edit: In this scenario, the Voya Nui matoran would be the ones who leave for the new island. They are the ones who hate the Piraka most. A small but auto-sufficient population of matoran, enough to mantain a small island-Nation, with the help of some agori. Balta, Kazi, Piruk, Garan and Dalu would be 'daimyos' (someone for stone has to be found).
  7. Hey, is there a place for me somewhere in the project? I am not too good with image editing, and I know absolutely nothing about coding or music... But I do have some ideas. For example: some time ago, someone proposed to create a japanese-ish place. Well how about in New Atero a small group of toa start thinking that the Toa Code is no longer needed. The 'do not kill' rule was to ensure the MU didn't lose important parts of the system, such as Rahi or matoran. They create a warrior philosophy, similar to bushido, to replace the toa code. They are warriors, but they are not going to be barbarians. SOme other beings start entering their group, attracted by the ideas of loyalty and honor that this group has. So, this small group starts a schism with the rest of the toa, so they leave New Atero with a group of matoran and agori followers, to settle on a nearby island. There, under the rule of a high leader (I would say Kopaka. He sort of matches in my head), the group settles divided by element clans (similar to the daimyo clans in feudal japan), and build a new culture based on their warrior code. This new nation would have pretty good relations with New Atero, as they are basically some of it's inhabitants looking for a land to govern in accordance to their ideas; and also with the Order of MN. What fo you think? I have more ideas jumping about my head, but this is the first one I came up with when I saw this topic.
  8. I make a grand return after several months. My mask.
  9. Ah, marvellous. I was waiting for this day. I knew it would arrive: When this epic would be continued! I love it. I really do. 2006-2007 was when I started to follow BIONICLE, and this epic gives me so much notalgia.... at the same time that it gives me a new story to read. In two words: THANK YOU.
  10. If I knew about flash, I would gladly take this as a full time job for free. But I only know really basic photo editing, and how to write extremely elaborate stories with too many characters...
  11. Is this project dead? please tell me it is not...
  12. When a hole opens so that he can fall to Hades, you slip and fall in. I happen to be near. My mask.
  13. I return, and he bounces back, and crashes into you. My mask and return.
  14. I am the chair. I run off before you can sit down, and you break your backside bone when falling. Somehow, my mask.
  15. I buy aperture science, and become the owner of every portal and portal guns around. I then make chaos among you, and portal the mask to my hands. My mask and aperture science.
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