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  1. Well, member title! This is a pleasant surprise! Many thanks to whomever's responsible (Windy, I assume)!

  2. I just watched the first episode of Broadchurch. Darned good. Seeing the various Who actors pop up was fun.

  3. *Realizes he hasn't checked his profile feed in nearly half-a-month, and pokes you*

  4. Apologies for not seeing your earlier profile-feed-message. While I've yet to read Atlas Shrugged (though it's on my list of things to read once I start feeling better,) I am indeed proud of anyone who reads a more than 1,000 page novel from over fifty years ago. Are you John Galt, by any chance? =P

  5. I just discovered that Vaughn Williams set some poems of John Skelton. Way cool!

    1. Sumiki


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    2. Ride Another Day

      Ride Another Day

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  6. You're back! I do hope university's not keeping you down.

    1. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      I am, and trying my best to keep it that way (at the moment I am mostly able to deal with university stuff on time, so I guess I'm fine)

    2. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      also, it's nice to hear feom you again! :)

  7. Otaku Potoo! MOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  8. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene!

  9. I just discovered that Lloyd has been active since November. Wow.

    1. Rahkshi Guurahk
    2. Quisoves Potoo

      Quisoves Potoo

      In BZPRPG, Ga-Wahi. That said, closer investigation reveals that his last post was on January 30.

  10. My apologies for not noticing your question a few months back (I rarely check my profile feed.) Anyway, yes, my avatar was a picture of the Third Doctor, albeit with its polarity reveresed. =P

    1. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      It's alright. Thanks for coming back to it, then! :D

  11. I really do need to check my profile feed more often.

  12. Less than 48 hours left to sign up for Mafia: Damage Control!

  13. Mafia: Damage Control-4 spots left!

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