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  1. I'm just going to hop on the bandwagon and say gender-locking element tribes. Also the comparatively tiny population of the MU. Also many of Greg's recent answers in the Ask Greg topic. Especially his recent answers on the Kanohi Kakama.
  2. You fall into a huge pit and I grab the mask. My mask
  3. I sic fifty Bengal Tigers on you. Got 'em.
  4. I trick you into listening to Marvin The Paranoid Android's autobiography on Audible. As you break down in tears from the sheer depressingness of it, I snatch the mask and stick it in a personal pocket universe. My mask.
  5. I send a huge Bengal Tiger back in time to where you are. I then stick a pair of mirror-goggles on the Angel, permanently locking it, and take the mask from under it. My mask.
  6. Unfortunately, it also comes with a free picture of a Weeping Angel. I use a grapple gun to retreive the mask through a transtemporal portal while you are trying not to blink. My mask.
  7. I pull a rug out from under you while you're standing in front of a fireplace. Got 'em.
  8. I put a large trampoline on the mountain. While you attempt to outrun the flying Toa Onaku, I grab the mask and escape through a crack in spacetime.
  9. Sooo... I'm coming back to this, and I have no idea what's going on in the RP ATM. What are recent events?
  10. OOC: "A prototype blaster that projects multiple bubbles with a specially designed adhesive and corrosive film called the enzyme catalyzer"
  11. OOC: Oh, it does? That's a problem. Is the extended duration of time required to remove contaminant layers? Google's not really helping. I guess if all else fails, I can change "Vacuum bubble" to "technobabble energy field"
  12. OOC: This is actually the part of his profile I'm most proud of, and I've had the concept lying around for a while. So basically, when you touch two peices of metal, the reason they don't fuse is because of the molecules in the atmosphere, as well as a thin oxygen layer. Without those, the metals fuse together in a process called cold welding. IRL we've lost some space probes to it. Opiphex's gun removes the atmosphere, leaving the thin oxygen layer as the only deterrant to cold welding, and since said oxygen layer rubs off fairly easily, the constantly moving mechanical parts of a robot fuse together extremely quickly. It is a fairly niche weapon, but I really like the concept. A couple countermeasures would be airtight sealing, since the bubble only moves air, it doesn't magically make it vanish, or some kind of composite material that wouldn't fuse. @SUmmary So the villain planet is separate from Mechnas?
  13. Villain/neutral-ish Profile: Name: Opiphex Powers, Abilities, & Weapons: Opiphex has four additional retractable arms with various tools fitted to them. These tools include a laser cutter, omni-driver(Which is a screwdriver partially made of nanobots. It does bolts, screws, and can even extract stripped screws. It can open simple mechanical locks), a small welder/solder torch, and a general purpose sharp grabber thing with a magnifying camera on the end that can view in normal, thermal, or x-ray views. He also has an [insert HF version of usb] interface that slides out of one of the arms. As for weapons, Opiphex carries an experimental blaster that has been "borrowed" from one of Hero Factory's subcontractors and upgraded by Opiphex. It projects a vacuum bubble about a meter in diameter. The bubble expels atmospheric oxygen, causing the target's components to fuse together. Appearance: Opiphex is rather spindly, and reminds one of a spider. Bio: Opiphex is pretty much harmless, though his blaster might suggest otherwise. He's pretty much a footnote under "common criminals" in the Hero database. He dislikes lethality, which is the reason for his blaster. He runs a little shop in the Grunge District that sells, buys, and upgrades interesting little gadgets and antique technology. Location: Grunge District OOC: Also, can I get a recap on what happened since the Beast thing?
  14. IC Bartholomew: Bartholomew nodded, quickly and efficiently packing up his first aid kit and returning it to his coat. Name: Opiphex Canon: Not canon Species: Hypnobrai Serpentine Theme/World: Ninjago Allegiance: Alpha Team Appearance: Opiphex is curiously mostly grey. Equipment: Opiphex carries at most times a grapple gun with a laser sight and single-shot CO2-powered dart gun filled with an anesthetic. The anesthetic is made from a type of tree found only in Ninjago, and induces intense apathy and lethargy in the target for up to an hour. An antidote commonly used for hallucinogenic substances is effective on this, and most places with antidotes for these things would have it. Bio: Opiphex has been an outlier for a long time. He never fit in, and was always trying to investigate every new peice of tech that came along. The building of New Ninjago City showed him that peace makes advancement go faster, and he has worked for peace ever since. He also has a further overarching backstory, but that is pretty much totally irrelevant here.
  15. IC Bartholemew: Running over to Johnny, Bartholomew removed a brown box with a red cross on the front and a little latch. Popping the latch open,he quickly grabbed a few of the supplies within and began to treat Johnny's room.
  16. IC Bartholomew: "There was something heading for Johnny with apparently hostile intentions, and someone fired at it."
  17. IC Bartholomew: Bartholomew moved to help Kilrox, but noticed the green flicker. "Did you see that?" he whispered.
  18. IC Bartholomew: Drawing his revolver and buttoning his coat to avoid it flopping, Bartholomew called back to Marty, "Over here!"
  19. I would agree with your statement about Doctor Who, actually. It's hard to think of a way to include it that is fun & interesting but also won't allow it to become completely OP later on. The main reason it's an option is because it's something multiple people noted an interest in adding while I was constructing the RPG, although admittedly some of those people have yet to back their words and sign up. Your vote for Power Miners is noted. Noted! If you're seriously asking me to go into detail about Doctor Who, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to refuse. I'm not nearly well-versed enough in the series at this time to give a proper answer, nor do I feel like researching all of that unless I have to. Banning something like the Sonic however is, I believe, rather obvious. OOC: Okay, I'll vote for Option 1 then.
  20. OOC: What strange tech would specifically be banned? Obviously time machines, but do you mean things like the various mind stuff or stuff like the Sonic?
  21. IC Bartholemew: Bartholomew followed the other Adventurers.
  22. IC Bartholemew: Finishing cleaning his spyglass, Bartholemew reassembled it and stowed it away in one of his internal coat pockets.
  23. IC Bartholomew: -Xi'an He had never really understood poker. It was odd, like an extremely complicated clock that you had to avoid looking at funny.
  24. IC Bartholomew: -whatever building the other Adventurers are in Batholomew stood in a back corner at a table, meticulously cleaning his lenses and making sure they were secure.
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