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  1. The way I understood the info, is that Lego does not want anything anymore with CCBS because of environmental costs (kinda weird considering how much plastic those big DUPLO bricks need), and that he wanted to pitch AR/VR tech into it for a more story-focused approach. As I mentioned in another Discord server, I immediately thought of the recent new bioplastics they introduced in their plant parts; it sounds like an opportunity for LEGO to pioneer and master this new material with a G3/new constraction line - in a way it reminds me of how Valve pushes new tech to its limits when they make a new HL game (recent example: Half Life Alyx & VR). I'm into this with no expectation at all, and I'm willing to wait as much as it's needed - he's the mastermind behind Bionicle's original concept, and whether it's a continuation or a brand new concept, I have no doubt he has not lost his touch 20 years later.
  2. The SP//DR suit is a specialized agile mechanical suit used by Peni Parker in Earth-14512, appearing in the Spiderman "Edge of Spider-Verse" comic series, taking clear inspiration from Evangelion. As soon as I saw it the first time I felt like it had to be done in bricks - I wanted a balance between size/scale and detailing. More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/76973485@N05/albums/72157706819688664
  3. I think that's just perspective. Looking closely, they seem to be the exact same piece. What I was referring to was the scale of the shoulders - upper arms - forearms, compared to everything else. Look at the reference images here. You can see that the bulk of the upper arms is relatively small and narrow compared to the shoulder pads. Excessively bulking up the biceps does not preserve that shaping and consequently messes up with the proportions of the arms in general. If the character proportions were to be preserved, firstly compared to those of a minifig and then to those of Reinhardt compared to the standard minifig, you'll find that you would need to shorten Reinhardt a fair bit to get them to work. Thanks for the feedback - my main priority when I was re-building it was to go more over details than scale/proportions, since it's the main thing the official set lacks. I see what you mean for the biceps - I think I slightly got carried away in terms of bulk. I'm gonna try and see how they look when flatter.
  4. Simply put, it started when I got the Rein&Dva set - Dva was spot on, but I was slightly disappointed with my favourite German crusader (he's one of the characters I play the most in OW). So I decided to give him a much more poseable and accurate look, as well as a better hammer. Full Album And a sneak peek of some other MOC/MODs I've been working on.
  5. Well, there's quite a difference between 6 small stones and a wide variety of masks. Although that sounds like a good idea for a MOC: a CCBS Infinity Gauntlet with Masks instead of stones. , have each Master/Uniter mask in place of each stone.
  6. "Oh shiny pavement, tell me your secrets..."
  7. Onua: "Oh look, a flying-" Everyone: "We're not falling for that again"
  8. After being defeated by Ekimu & the Toa in his Behemoth form, Makuta decided to re-build himself with his remaining shadow powers into more agile and swift form. Equipped with 2 Katanas and Kusarigama (sickle and chain), he is still set on his destiny of taking revenge on his brother and rule over Okoto. Bonus pic Credit to [Chro] for the hand building technique. Comments and criticism welcome!
  9. Thanks! I wanted to make it look like the Trans. Orange represents his fire powers, hence why it's been used on his lower legs, weapons and hands; the mask was purely because I couldn't unsee him as Tahu with a normal Red or Gold mask.
  10. I do understand the issues with the colour scheme, as they were added at a late stage (Initially he was just black and Gunmetal), and I was lacking purple CCBS shells at the time; The torso issue started only because I wanted him to have a different torso/hip build than the others, and also because I wanted to make him look like the tallest and the strongest out of the 6 Guardians. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I actually found out that Tachikomas include a seat only after I completed the MOC; even then, I couldn't even think of where to put a seat on it because I was very keen on using the new Nexo shield piece at the back of the body. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I wanted to find a way to use those Tr. Reddish Orange fists to "bulk up" the back legs. The main reason it's a blend of CCBS and System was because the initial idea came when I modified Axl and Clay's Battle suits to use only Mixel joints; I was left with 4 of the back arm construction (The one that connects the arms to the CCBS fist), so I started looking for ideas on how I could implement that into a system creation, and then I remembered there was Marchikoma (which is not a contest, BTW), and that's when I came up with the Nexo-Koma concept.
  13. Originally he was going to be named Firan, but, considering how uninspiring that sounded, I decided to translate "Fire" into various languages; The one that stuck me out the most was the Maori translation: Ahi. I'll admit that the K was added randomly, and that I did not know about it being the name of a Bionicle fan. it's also a relatively generic combination of syllables It's not the first time that I've gotten similar comments about them being separate from the Toa. I wanted them to look different, but at the same time keep some similarities to the Masters (the idea was that the Guardians were ancient warriors of Okoto, predecessors to the Toa). Still, thanks for the comment!
  14. A Scouting unit made for expanding Knighton's territory. Can also be used for colony patrol & defense. This might seem a bit late, as this was my entry for Marchikoma, but I figured I'd post it here anyways. Comments and Criticism welcome!
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