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  1. I've thought of this before, and I don't think I can come up with a better element than Iron (meaning metal in general, of course, but sounds cooler). After all, this is Bionicle, where metal is in everything. Besides for water and air, metal is so fundamental to the Bionicle universe that it ought to be a correspondingly important elemental power -- that is, one of the six main ones. And who better to make the switch than Pohatu? Certainly the only other option would be Onua (since Pohatu's and Onua's powers encroach on each other, one ought to change to make the distinction clear), but Earth is more encompassing than Stone, so Stone powers might as well be absorbed into Earth powers and Pohatu might as well be the Toa of Iron. Not only is that an improvement for Pohatu, but also for Onua, who formerly could only make earthquakes but now has some material to work with. Also, I've toyed with the idea of Kopaka being the Toa of Crystal (which encompasses Ice powers and makes the distinction between water and ice clear), but for some reason I can't make the change as easily inside of my head as I can with Pohatu becoming the Toa of Iron, which seems quite natural.
  2. Alright, I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but as a starting point, can everyone at least agree that romance should never be the plot's driving force?
  3. Back in this topic I asked you guys what you didn't like about G1. Now, I want to know what you did like about G1. What made it special? Where did it shine? If one moment contained the essence of all that was good in G1, what was it? Thanks in advance for enlightening me!
  4. Of all the potential topics of discussion, this is one of the few that I honestly don't have an opinion on. That's why I want to hear your opinion: should there be romance in Bionicle? To what degree? Is romance even compatible with the Bionicle theme? As always, your insights are very much appreciated!
  5. Okay, I think I see some consensus on the errors of G1: - Bionicle is a fantasy theme, not a science fiction theme - Sudden, total changes in setting are confusing - The dead ought to remain dead - A 5/1 male-to-female ratio makes no sense - A consistent set of themes is essential yet somewhat lacking - Alternative universes are convoluted and unnecessary - It ought to have an ending, not a cut-off - Complex builds are cool (so what's with the Inika?) Does this look right? Is there anything that anyone would like to add? Thank you all again for your valuable insights!
  6. There's no way around it: for all of its high points and our nostalgic fondness, the G1 story line was imperfect at best and a downright mess at worst -- thus is why we all have head-canons. Although I have my own thoughts about where G1 went wrong and ways to improve it, I have recently become very interested to hear what my fellow BZPers have to say about it. So, to you I pose a question probably as old as Bionicle itself: Where do you think G1 went wrong? What would you do to fix it? Would you have liked to see G1 go in a different direction altogether? Thank you all for your insight!
  7. Like Regitnui said, it is probable that EP existed relatively close to the surface of Spherus Magna. After all, we know that a lot of EP came to the surface before the Shattering and it is unlikely that it got there all the way from the core. As far as I know, it has never been officially declared that Spherus Magna did/did not have plate tectonics. However, even though this image clearly shows that Bara Magna has no plate tectonics, looking at the mountains and ravines of Bara Magna, it is very possible that Spherus Magna did. In fact -- and this is just a theory -- it could be that after the Shattering, much of Spherus Magna's molten mantel could have been taken by the more habitable planets of Bota Magna and Aqua Magna while the rest cooled down and solidified into Bara Magna. Without a fluid mantel, there is no plate tectonics, and if plate tectonics are important to support life, that could explain why Spherus Magna was flourishing while Bara Magna was dying.
  8. I would like to clarify: Bionicle Story Group's (BSG) original purpose was to continue producing Bionicle content. By about the second week, we unanimously decided that we wanted to create an original generation of Bionicle rather than continue one of the previous generations. Also, with our story premise finished, we will begin to focus on updating this topic much more frequently in the future and try to provide as many details on our progress as possible while keeping the story itself a secret. For now, we are unsure of the kinds of information we should release to the public, so we are erring on the side of secrecy. But rest assured: discussing public relations will be a top priority for BSG over the next couple weeks.
  9. For some reason my computer won't let me quote, but that's actually a really good idea. In fact, Slack is pretty well suited for that sort of thing. Count me in.
  10. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about G1 and how it could be made more reasonable, teleological (why?), and cohesive (in terms of theme) as well as improving the story as 15 years of hindsight would enable one to do. I would definitely be willing to work with other people on it, but is that one of the intentions of this group(s), or is it strictly about the continuation of G2?
  11. If the area around your avatar is white, that's probably because the background of all the posts is white, so that's what you'll see if the area around your avatar is set as transparent. Not exactly sure if I understood the question, so just let me know if I didn't.
  12. I suppose I should be more specific in that I meant, "Why were matoran designed to cease functioning when not wearing a mask?"
  13. So, there's a lot of mask-wearing in BIONICLE: matoran, toa, and turaga all wear them. But why do matoran have to wear them? Why is it that when they don't wear a mask they pass out? Was there ever any canon explanation given? (Actually, I'd be perfectly happy with someone's personal head-canon on the subject as well) Thanks in advance!
  14. Traditionally, people post to play games in the G&T section. So, I would recommend putting it in the Comics subforum.
  15. 1- you send me a pm, like I said on the first post. 2- individual resources don't have much impact; your region will only suffer if it stops receiving all of the others. The masks are there as trophies of a sort. 3- wars technically aren't possible since there aren't that many people. Open warfare is probably a good way to have other regions team up on you though. 4- no Cool, I think that's all the questions I have. Thanks!
  16. You mentioned being able to kill people, but how does that work? How would you carry out that action? Also, what happens when you run out of a resource? What purpose do the masks serve? Are wars possible? If Region A is one round away from running out of Region B's resources and Region B begins trading with Region A again, does it take two rounds for Region A to restock?
  17. So, if the Region of Water decides to stop trading with the Region of Stone, could we get water from a region that is friendly with the RoW?
  18. Protector of Stone please! I'm a little confused about trading: is it just, "I will/won't trade with this region"? If so, how many regions do you need to be trading with before the countdown-to-collapse begins? I will probably have a several follow-up questions.
  19. Kulta is Makuta. I mean, he's not, but I thought he was: same color-scheme, horns, dead-ish, the mask forge. It was a good theory... until it wasn't.
  20. Thanks! I actually have already seen this image, but knowing that the measurements are in millimeters and sometimes plates is very helpful. I guess I'll just eye-ball it with the arms. Thanks again!
  21. Does anybody know the complete dimensions of a LEGO minifigure? I've tried looking it up but the only measurements that I can find are incomplete and don't specify units. Thanks in advance!
  22. Woah. That's probably a small collection to some people, but again...woah. I'd ask for some of those duplicates, but... If that's small, mine is miniscule: 1 Blue Noble Huna 2 Grey Akaku 1 Bluish-green Miru 1 Brown Kakama 1 Orange-ish Kakama 1 Light-blue Pakari 2 Yellow Hua 1 Piruk's mask 1 Garan's mask 1 Mask of Sonar 1 Mask of Gravity 1 Axonn's mask 1 Kongu Inika's mask 1 Mask of Corruption 1 Chirox's mask 1 Brown Kakama Nuva 1 Glitter-transparent Avohkii (coolest stand-alone mask ever) Top that for smallest kanohi collection!
  23. No, but it would be a highly unprecedented, risky, and unnecessary extra step, that would basically require Lego to start out by making an expensive story that would not actually bring them meaningful profits until much later. All that based on the flawed assumption that this ridiculous scheme would result in a "better" or more successful Bionicle than we'd otherwise get, when in fact it flies in the face of both the theme's history and good business sense. I am going to have to disagree with you on a few points: -Expensive: Top-paid comic book authors are paid $300-$400 per page. If a comic book has 20 pages and there are 12 issues, then the author is paid $96,000. That's a lot of money only until you consider that LEGO would normally pay either a whole story team or a licensing fee to launch a new theme. -Risky: Again, not that expensive, but that aside, I think there is good reason to believe that it is actually less risky than launching a full toyline. Clearly, hiring a couple people to write some comic books is significantly less expensive than hiring teams of people to write a story, design sets, etc. then manufacturing and distributing those sets on a massive scale, which lessens risk. Also, starting with just a few comic books in a few stores can give a pretty good idea of how popular an idea might be without investing gobs of money. If the comic books are selling, then LEGO can produce more comic books in more places and begin dabbling in other forms of media. If the comic books get very popular and become well known, then LEGO can then begin designing and producing sets that are likely to sell very well. Otherwise, LEGO can drop the project without nearly as much loss as a failed theme -- it wouldn't even be comparable. -Extra step: LEGO would develope a story anyways, so it is not an extra step; the sets would just be delayed indefinitely. -Wouldn't be better: Hiring a top-notch writer to write about a top-notch concept without feeling obligated to sell something is likely to result in a better story, which all else equal would result in a better BIONICLE. -Wouldn't be more succesful: The idea is to expand BIONICLE's audience, particularly to make it more appealing to adults who are willing and able to buy more. If BIONICLE's audience could be expanded in such a way without losing LEGO's target audience of children, then it would make the theme more succesful.
  24. I am a little confused about some of the above posts: they make it sound crazy that LEGO would make a toyline based off of a well-known story not designed to sell toys, but it's called licensing, and LEGO does it all the time. Consider themes like Star Wars and Marvel that are based off of popular stories not intended to be made into toys, yet LEGO decided to license them anyway. The main difference here is that LEGO would be "licensing" its own story -- which is hardly heresy.
  25. I counted something like 62 items in your list. So from a guy with about a third of that, I'd call your colection mighty respectable.
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