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  1. That's odd I can't find a single one which would make me assume they are worth a bit more than 20 but I didn't pay for it so I can't complain haha. So should I open it or just save it for a couple of years and wait for the price to go up? What's your opinion?
  2. Thanks John could I have the link to the Hewkii selling please and also will the set I have be worth more if I kept it for a few more years?
  3. So I have a brand new, unboxed and unopened Toa Matoro Mahri, I found this in a box of christmas presents I had in my basement and how it got there I don't know as I am a huge Bionicle fan. The plastic box itself isn't damaged and seems to be mint, the cardboard on the back is also in great condition it still has the sellotape on it and doesn't seem to have ever been opened. But I am very curious as to how much this could actually be worth, I can't seem to find it on Ebay(I know I should probably try and check more places but I'm lazy). So I would appreciate it very much if someone could tell me how much this would be worth. Thanks. P.s Sorry if this is in the wrong Forum section I didn't know were elso to put it.
  4. Woops sorry I'm new to this website which you can probably tell. I'm looking for two of the black rhotuka rip cords but how could I get them from you?
  5. are the rip cords you have black, Fluidic Master Nuva?
  6. Wow thanks guys I couldn't find these anywhere you guys are awesome thanks sooooo much!
  7. Could you link me to a page on bricklink that would have some of the pieces I'm looking for please? I'm a complete noob when it comes to bricklink, Sorry if that's too much trouble
  8. So basically I have bought toa norik and iruini and have only found out now that neither come with a black rhotuka rip cord, and I cannot find these for a decent price as I would have to pay lots of money to get some as all that are being sold seem to be from America and I am in the UK. The second thing is Iruini does not come with his signiture rhotuka the gold and green rhotuka spinner is what I'm talking about and they are being replaced with two regular silver rhotuka, I cannot find either the gold or green rhotuka on the internet anywhere and I am really hoping don't have to another iruini just for these parts as they usually go for about £15 to £30.00. If someone could help me that would be great. Thanks
  9. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

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