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  1. Alright... I just noticed there's a lot of bloom... Thanks a lot for the advice <3
  2. Ohh thanks a lot mate! And yes, I HATE BROWN: when I color, it's brown. When I see the colored picture somewhere else, it's reddish brown! [...] D:<
  3. I'M BAAAACK It's been a while since I last wrote in this forum... well, here we are again! I just wanted to show you some of my latest Bonkle art I did in this period, from oldest to newest: Bionicle: Journey to One poster Third place in the Journey to Netflix contest! (oh, and the animations of that one seem promising enough) Another prototype Bionicle: Reborn logo Quick doodle Pohatu, matoran (basic) form, without his armor/kanohi Hmm.....I think it's the edgiest thing I've ever made. Not too friendly in this timeline, indeed..... Toa Kalikiki (matoran + Power-up), giftart for KaibaGal Sudden gift I made her, in my own style Powered-up Narmoto His combat form. Took inspiration from both samurais and spartan warriors Powered-up Kulta, Skull Gr1nder (pencil sketch) Kulta turns into a giant, massive skull robot All six heroes + Power-up forms in Bionicle: Reborn Six heroes, one destiny Toa Luhan, Powered-up, giftart for ToaLuhan First painting without lineart I recently made And now for the newest piece I just finished: Kopaka, Uniter form My own, brutal take on 2016 Kopaka. Just wanted to give him some sort of "Yoshimitsu" vibe Well, hope you enjOI my gallery! :3 Oh, and my Journey to Netflix third prize finally arrived last month! It's amazing! Thanks a lot for the support <3
  4. Uhh, did I already say I would like to join?
  5. Uhhh..... this seems interesting! I participate and see what I can do :3
  6. Hello there! Well, It has been a while since I last drew some Bionicle... Then one day I got the Idea.... ......KORGOT! Full body, colored sketch on paper of my alternative storyline's Korgot, protectress of Earth. Her humanized face is still the same as the doodle I did a while ago... the exterior armor is a bit changed, with some parts left unaltered (like the drill bomber and the shoulder armor). Dual machineguns and mask got revised, as well as the bottom clothing and grotesque boots. I just wanted her to be a little bit.... dirtier. I mean, guns, body-in-suit truly exposed.... everything. Also, I got the Idea while listening to "Grendel - Dirty"! Grendel (not the beowulf monster, the artist) has become another of my favorite electro-aggrotech artists, and his cyber-goth songs fit pretty well in the cyberpunk-dark-dystopian atmosphere of Bionicle:Reborn.... Just check out "New flesh" and "Harsh generation"! They're both sick! Well, even if it's just a sketch.... enjOI! :3 Original: DeviantArt
  7. OH HEY! I made it! I'm still alive somehow lol (number 8) However, I think number 10 will take the throne... aye
  8. (As owner of entry number 6) well, don't know if I will offer some lessons, because I'm still going to school in this period (manga academy. Aye)
  9. I agree! Still another two days of voting to go, and with that lovely voting incentive, so I expect to see lots of numbers up there by the end! Wooow, people that encourage me even if I'm doomed, this is new! :') Thanks a lot!
  10. This probably isn't possible, but I'd actually love it if you posted a speed drawing video of your work or at least created a tutorial for drawing, I can't seem to do well when it comes to humans.

    1. IlReSanmto


      ...............................I just realized I suck at speedrawing, because in fact I didn't do any! Lol

      Let'see if I can, someday...

    2. Naota Takizawa

      Naota Takizawa

      Oh no, what I mean by speed drawing is just recording your screen or yourself drawing and editing the footage to speed it up.

  11. Exactly!! And, most of all, the huge amount of inspiration found in this topic rather than anywhere else!
  12. K, I lost this contest, bye *windows xp shutdown sound*
  13. Nostalgic feels unleashed!! However, my only complaints are the little problems with proportions (which were almost a trademark in the old comics, which is good too!), and DAT CHESTPIECE. But everything else is perfectly fine. Especially the Mask of creation ;D
  14. Thanks a lot for the feedback! ;D Thanks to you too xD Well, yeah, low res sucks ahahah Well, looks like Voting has started (and I'm doomed) If you want to support my poster, it's in the semifinal poll HULU, Contest entry number 6!!
  15. If I were staffer, I'd just choose you as first prize winner, just for the credits
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