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    Believe it or not, I've been a fan of Bionicle since 2001, and it has played a large part in my life. Besides that, I enjoy reading, comic books, running, drawing, and the financial markets.

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  1. Wow, simply, wow. there's so much to like about this MOC. The use of Bulk's helmet works perfectly, the armoring is flawless. Thanks for posting this!
  2. Fantastic work! Intentional or not, those cloven hooves really sell his evilness.
  3. Truly amazing work! The smaller torso arms might be my favorite element.
  4. Each piece is wonderful! Of course, I most enjoy the MNOG art, but I like the 2015 flash animation inclusion as well.
  5. That Jayko is simply amazing. I especially like the samurai-like armor he wears.
  6. Love that bit of blue tubing to break up the other colors. Very well done, and congrats on making the front page!
  7. Two likely reasons: firstly, to better distribute the cost of all those new molds across more sets (see also the City, Super Heroes, Speed Champions, and Friends sets that have used or will used the track), and secondly to provide a more affordable option for kids and families who can't afford this $380 behemoth. Ah, I forgot about the new mold costs. I'm not complaining, since dropping nearly $400 is not insignificant for most fans.
  8. That BMW looks amazing; glad I supported it. I always preferred the Jetsons, but the Flintstones still look pretty great.
  9. Nicely done! The use of the hot dog/sausage pieces might be my favorite element.
  10. This looks pretty cool. I am surprised that Lego is releasing two Roller Coasters in the same summer, however.
  11. Looking forward to it. Thank you, also, for clarifying that Maul is unrelated to Solo. I wasn't sure if he'd be making half-a-cameo.
  12. Like most BIONICLE fans, I never tire of MNOG. The style, art, and story was all perfect. I only wish my computer back then was as fast as my current one. I remember seeing that Mata Nui island waiting symbol spin and spin for several long minutes.
  13. I think Lego knows they have a faithful base of fans in the BIONICLE community, plus, per Lego's own people, it is the theme that saved them from bankruptcy. Same. Pretty clever selling point, I must say! And interesting how they're catering to different types of Lego fans with these easter eggs in Ninjago sets.
  14. I'm glad they made these. I know Cavill and Affleck aren't everyone's favorite interpretations of these iconic characters, but to not make the two most famous super-heroes of all time into BrickHeadz would be a huge blown opportunity.
  15. That sticker of Mata Nui is almost tempting enough to purchase the whole set, for me at least.
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