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  1. You're able to download a model that you made in LDD into Stud.IO, so they may be compatible.
  2. Wasn't sure where else to put this. 1) Is it possible to put parts in Lego Stud.io into Lego Digital Designer? 2) Is it possible to mess with LDD's coding or something to make it be able to handle more parts? 3) Is it possible to access pieces in LDD that are no longer there? That's all I've got so far, but I may have more questions, and hopefully this may help other people. Thank you in advance for answering.
  3. there is a mask fits the bill, called kanohi crast mask of repulsion. makuta krika from 2008 wore it https://biosector01.com/wiki/Crast I thought all it did was repel things in general and only directly away from the user, while my mask can make projectiles go in any random direction that won't hit you, even just forty-five degrees so that it will just fly right past you.
  4. So, I have realized that I was lying to myself when I typed that post, not to you guys. Sorry about that, I am planing to write a new chapter tomorrow. So I'm curious, what's your guys' favorite chapter so far? Please let me know.
  5. Okay then, thanks again. Now what about the large and small wheels like what where commonly used in the mars mission line.
  6. Like with the previous part you mentioned, I'd think a skylight would be the best application for a large curved glass piece like that in a City layout. For a piece like this I'd think it might be suitable for letting light into a large modern building like a train or bus station. Hm, okay then, thanks for the suggestion. Next piece is the various lengths of "corrugated pipe"
  7. Any Idea how I could use some transparent "Shell 6x12x6 w/bow/angle"? a semi-recent example of this piece would be the large transparent piece on Ronin's vehicle from Lego Ninjago back when the main baddies where ghosts.
  8. Hm... the most obvious use to me would be to use that for some sort of skylight (assuming it's in a transparent color). Sharing the color and part number as well might make it easier to cross reference and come up with ideas. Thank you for the suggestion, I wonder why I didn't think of that myself. I don't know how to find the part number, but I'm just looking for how I could use the shape as I can figure out how to incorporate the color later. And yes, it is transparent.
  9. So I'm making a modular lego city and I am trying to use all of my lego pieces in it and there are some that I can't figure out how to incorporate it into a building, so I will every now and then tell you a piece using it's name in ldd and I want suggestions as to what I can use it for on a building. The first one is "Windscreen 2x5x1 1/3".
  10. Chapter 13: Dreams and Memories, part 4 : Ahkmou's Story Part 3 The three Toa brought Ahkmou to the court which was a large building in the city center that looked like it was using architecture principles of all tribes and races of both Aqua and Bara Magna. Inside the court room was a large podium with a Turaga and an Agori Judge, on each side of the room there was a place for Jurors. One side was for Aqua Magna residents, and the other for Bara Magna residents. The placement of everything made it look like there was an invisible line cutting the room in half and segregating the two types of beings. The only things that where on the line was the judge's desk and the accused's desk. So Ahkmou was standing at the accused's desk and thought I wonder why it's so segregated in here. Both Judges rose and said in turn "Ahkmou, you have been charged with assaulting Berix, how do you plead?" Ahkmou then pointed upwards with his right hand and said "I plead justified." The Turaga Judge then said "What was your reason then?" Ahkmou then said "Invasion of privacy and suspected attempted theft" Then the Agori Judge said "That's no reason to throw him across and out of your house." Then the Turaga Judge said "The Matoran laws do see that as justified." The Agori then said to the Turaga "But he did resist arrest." The Turaga then said "Yes, but the Matoran Laws say that if what he did was justified, then resisting arrest is null and void." So the Agori Judge said "Not in the Agori Laws though." The Turaga Judge then said "Aqua Magna Jury members may be excused as the Matoran laws are in no way shape or form against Ahkmou." Then all of the Aqua Magna inhabitants exited the court room. ​Then the Agori Judge said "Ahkmou, you are extremely guilty by Agori laws, so now the Jury shall decide your sentence, court is over for today, come back at 16:00 tomorrow to hear our decision and then hear what the combined sentence is, court dismissed." ​He then proceeded to hit his gavel on the table and everyone left. The next day they all came back and Ahkmou was doing the closest thing a Matoran can do to sweating bullets, but with coolant instead of sweat. The judges both said in turn "Everyone, let's hear the sentence from both sides." The Matoran side rose and said "He's innocent under Matoran laws, we don't need to tell you a sentence." Then the Agori side rose and said "We have found him deserving of the death sentence." So both sides then sat down and the Judges stood up and said in turn "The blurring of these sentences, as decided and agreed upon by the Law-blurring accord made soon after we arrived here, Ahkmou, you have been sentenced to two weeks incarceration." Then both Judges hit their gavels and A Toa carried Ahkmou to the temporary holding cell in the court house and everyone else was able to go home. While Ahkmou was in prison there was rioting in the streets regarding Ahkmou's sentence, Matoran where saying Ahkmou shouldn't be in prison, while Agori where saying Ahkmou should be executed. Read and Discuss
  11. So I ended up having even more computer problems and thus wasn't able to finish and post the new chapter last weekend, but I got my computer fixed and will post a new chapter any day now, sorry about that guys.
  12. I think the title is self-explanatory, but I'll sat it again, what Kanohi would you like to have seen in Bionicle? For me the only thing I can think of right now is a mask of redirection, Great can redirect any flying projectile anywhere in your field of view, while the Noble only redirects projectiles that are flying at you. All redirections are random.
  13. Sorry I haven't fulfilled my promise yet, the weekend after I typed that I was sick, and then last week was the weekend of my graduation, so I was dragged all over the place and didn't have time to work on the story, but I don't have anything planned for this weekend, so I should be able to type it up then.
  14. So what do I do to ensure an MOC I made for a contest on BIONICLEsector01 get's seen by them?
  15. Alright, that took much longer than anticipated, but I'm back and better than ever (at writing). No more hiatus, I plan on writing a new chapter at least once a week again.
  16. Chapter 13: Dreams and Memories, part 3 : Ahkmou's Story Part 2 Ahkmou was silent for a long time as Iruini was just trying to think of a way out of his dilemma and eventually all he could think of was to talk to the seemingly depressed Matoran. Figuring that Ahkmou wasn't going to start a conversation any time soon, Iruini calmly said "Ahkmou, what are you thinking, you know full well that eventually the other Toa on my team will come looking for me right?" Ahkmou just remained quiet, so Iruini continued "What are you hoping to gain by capturing me?" Ahkmou looked up at Iruini and quietly said "Nothing." which surprised Iruini for two reasons, first, he didn't expect Ahkmou to respond, and two, he figured that Ahkmou had some kind of goal, so Iruini said "Then why do you have me tied up?" "I don't want you to arrest me." Ahkmou replied just barely louder than he was speaking earlier. Iruini calmly said "Well no one want's to be arrested, but you-" Ahkmou then yelled "I KNOW WHAT I DID, STOP TELLING ME!" Iruini was once again surprised by Ahkmou's lack of respect and shut up for a while. Iruini decided to carefully observe his surroundings and noticed many important relics from the past so in trying to change the topic, Iruini said "You have quite the collection here for someone that once oppressed the Matoran." Ahkmou then got up, went over to Iruini, back-handed him, and then went back to his spot. Startled, Iruini said "Well, I ... sure didn't expect that." Ahkmou then said "You don't know me at all, not that anyone ever really did." So, Iruini said "Why do you think that is, Ahkmou?" Ahkmou then got up and walked over to Iruini, whom braced himself for another slap to the face, but instead Ahkmou just stood there and said "Because I worked for Makuta Teridax for a long time." That surprised Iruini the most out of this whole encounter so he said "So what, I did too, same with the rest of the Toa Hagah." Now it was Ahkmou's turn to be surprised, so he asked "How was a Toa like you a servant of Makuta?" Iruini then said "There was a time long ago that the Makuta where good." Ahkmou, in disbelief said "Yah, right!" "But it's true, you just don't remember due to you being stuck in a storage pod." Ahkmou then remembered his first encounter with Teridax, Teridax explained that he was stuck in a storage pod and lost his memories so he just ignorantly listened the intricate web of lies that Teridax told him. Ahkmou then sat down next to the bed that Iruini was strapped to and said "So, now what do I do?" Iruini said "Well, you could start by untying me." Ahkmou then turned to look at Iruini and slyly said "Nice try." Ahkmou then got up and started to repair his door. To Iruini it looked like that conversation somehow helped Ahkmou and so he thought I should really study psychology and figure out what I said that did that. After a while there was another knock on the door so Ahkmou got a Midak skyblaster and yelled through the door "Who's there?" Then a Toa of stone on the other side busted down a wall and said "Knock-Knock" To which Iruini then excitedly said "Pouks, I never thought I would be this happy to see you!" Toa Pouks then jokingly said " Well if you needed some time away from me there are better ways to do it." While Pouks was talking to Iruini, Ahkmou grabbed the shield that used to belong to Toa Kopaka and hid behind it while firing at Pouks with the Midak sky blaster. Pouks was blocking every shot with his shield and was doing his best to not fall over from the force of the impact, he tried to fire his Rhotuka, but couldn't due to the skyblaster damaging it too much. As Ahkmou was, distracted he didn't think of why Toa Pouks wasn't advancing, which caused him to not notice until it was too late that there was still another Toa outside. So as Ahkmou was distracted, Toa Norik broke through the door and grabbed Ahkmou so forcibly that Ahkmou dropped his Shield and skyblaster. Norik then looked at Iruini, chuckled and jokingly said "What, you couldn't handle a single Matoran?" To which Iruini jokingly said "Well, I had to give you something to do." Pouks then cut Iruini's restraints and looked for Iruini's stuff. After he found his Kanohi in Ahkmou's Kanohi-case, his shield behind Ahkmou's wardrobe, and his Cyclone Spear under Ahkmou's bed. After all of Iruini's stuff had been found, Iruini said "Well, you certainly hid them pretty well, I honestly thought that you already had a Kanohi Kualsi in your collection, well done." Norik then angrily said "Don't humor him, help me carry him to the court house in New Atero" Read and Discuss
  17. So I highly doubt that the great beings just whipped Toa Helryx out of nowhere and created her right without having ever made any prototype Toa (Proto-Toa as I call them) so what do you guys think the Proto-Toa would have been like if we saw them in Bionicle cannon, or do you think that they never made any prototypes because they where just that darn good? Also, do you think that the Kestora (Which are basically prototype Matoran) could become Proto-Toa and/or that Proto-Toa could become Proto-Turaga? I'm very curious as to what the rest of the Bionicle community thinks about this, feel free to be overly specific.
  18. So I'm making a game in the MNOG style and need people to make backgrounds for me because I stink at making backgrounds in that style, I know what I want for each background and have made rough drafts for each location with Lego Digital Designer and just need someone to make them in the style and I will leave remarks as to what I'm looking for with each one (like the style of architecture I'm looking for) , anyone interested please keep in mind that I will credit you for helping with this game. Also, if you're interested, let me know.
  19. Totally understand that, same goes with me and why I haven't been able to work on my story "Ahkmou's Return".
  20. They kind of tried that with exo-force. It may not have been CCBS but it did use what I consider to be a system-version predecessor.
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