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  1. Oh boy, another excuse to use a new character that I'm probably never going to use anywhere else.


    QHORM- The Villager of Metal

    Weapon: Thunderdome- A large hammer with a chain at the end of the handle.

    Play: Metal Wave (the same used in the tournament)

    Facet: Noble

    Mask: Pakari


    Appearance: Qhorm is somewhat taller than the average villager, with heavily muscled arms and a noticeable paunch.  His armor is dark gray shot through with silver, and he has a burnt orange pauldron on his left shoulder.  He has a few teeth knocked out, and his jaw is slightly askew.


    General Description: A villager who participates in fighting tournaments just for the heck of it.  Qhorm doesn't care about winning fame or fortune; the thrill of battle is enough for him.  He treats his opponents as friends and equals, especially in the midst of battle.

    Qhorm is not without his faults, however.  His personal code of conduct prevents him from physically striking ladies, even when he's supposed to be fighting them.  He is also incredibly trusting, which leaves him vulnerable to manipulation.


    Likelihood of Cultism:  I dunno, 5.5.

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