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  1. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui Skyra was pulled the the portal by a force far stronger than she expected as she took Nuju's hands. The last she saw was of Stannis mentioning his meds and a berserk Kaita ACR bringing a club down towards her-- Skyra and Nuju were gone, on an adventure all there own. Akamai's club came down with a sickening crashing and the twisting of metal. A burst of energy flashed beneath the weapon, shattering it to the handle. The parts of the newly rejuvinated portal were decimated, flattened, completed crushed to itty bitty bits. It was like looking at grains of sand and wondering how they'd once been rocks. OOC: @Snelly, please hold for a brief intermission PM.
  2. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui In the dawn of a new day Nuju watched Skyra beat a disk against her mech until it fit in the palm of her hands. He didn't even blink. He just observed her unbridled creativity with the delight only a ghost could contain. "Are you going to take my hand, or no," he asked when she'd begun talking to her mech like it was a pet. "It's rather uncomfortable remaining in this pose for so long." OOC: @Snelly
  3. So I'll use this for my determination: He's a tank that heals himself. Based on the description of the power a severed limb would be an easy fix. Up to you how to describe it, but it would totally work.
  4. I think that would depend on the level of the quick healing kraata, and would depend on the level of hypothetical damage sustained. A low level kraata probably couldn't heal a severed limb caused by a riteborn attack. Good food for thought, but I think it needs to be evaluated case by case.
  5. IC: Reliable Narrator | Irnakk's Tooth, Nightmare Pits As the brawl began a cloying smoke floated from below the thin rock shelf they all stood upon. Beneath the lip the dangling chains jangled ominously, and the sounds of rattles and drums began to softly echo from far below the acidic mists of the volcano. Ulkarr felt it first, quickly followed by the psionic attuned Gnabol: a large presence was watching intently. It seemed, to Gnabol at least, strangely delighted by the open conflict on display. OOC: @Toru Nui, @Harvali, @Tarn, and everyone else in the Nightmare Pits. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui Skyra's restorative super beam blasted the ruined machine before her. The portal mended itself almost instantly, pieces returning in a glowing green light and settling into place. They all saw six sockets for kanoka disks placed equidistant around the fabricated ring of the portal. The portal inside seemed stronger, more potent, and Nuju's strangely fluctuating form became solid. He smiled; "I believe I am in your debt. I am free to return now. Would you care to join me on a little adventure?" He stood up, walked towards the portal and stopped before fully stepping through. His hand reached out, offering it to any who took it but especially to Skyra. OOC: @Snelly, @Gecko Greavesy, @Smudge8
  6. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek's Flying Fortress, Asylum PreProcessing The pained screams and whimpers for relief suddenly stopped with an exhalation. They heard another zap of high voltage and the smell of burning material. OOC: @Tarn, @BULiK, @Toru Nui, @Snelly
  7. So yeah, uh... The mask of creation in all times and realities is now infected by Caedast, and the mask of life in all times and realities is illuminated by Sorilax. Starting to see a pattern here.
  8. @EmperorWhenua please remove the mention of unassisted flight and then Hiripaki's new profile is good to go. In SK vahki like Vahki Unit BO-1337-P don't fly. If Hiripaki were to implant into a Squad Mother than flight would be permissable.
  9. IC MI-8919-07 | Ehlek's Flying Fortress, exterior Mantax's frame crashed feet first towards the surface of the flying fortress in a burst of broken glass. They never actually touched the surface, though. Another mask took the place of the kadin: a miru. Mantax's feet remained close to the surface. A knee wobbled. "Impressive, but for how long can you maintain it?" said Mantax as another salvo of railgun fire loosed from his shoulder mounted armaments. As the bullets flashed across the distance he raised an arm and launched a wrist mounted, cord-like weapon with three prongs on the end. OOC: @Tarn, @pokemonlover360 Mantax is hoping to get Pati to move and land the taser by leading the shot towards where the Kaita ACR moves next.
  10. As Six Kingdoms Apocalypse comes towards its timely conclusion, (mark those calendars for June 30th 23:59 Pacific Time) I am proud to announce the Onu-Metru Archives Newest Exhibit: SK-RP After careful preservation by Onu-Matoran archivists, this old relic of Discord based communication during a bygone age is now available for your viewing pleasure (limit 50 entries, first come first serve). Please take care to not touch the art on display as it remains in a fragile stasis.
  11. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing The gang split up: Vashni and Nale doubled back towards the Laboratory, and Knichou, Varian, and NU made their way forwards towards the sounds of pain. As Varian stood behind Knichou, the toa of iron tried to reach out and sense with his abilities what might await them. He felt twelve entities. Three were moving, and were situated further to his left passed the bend in the hallway. More words he didn’t understand and another whimper of pain as the taser activated. He could smell the burning now. Taser as a descriptor began to seem like an understatement. Nu understood the words spoken by the vahki; “They’re close. Three. Should intercept.” “Don’t care. Again.” Whimpered cries, the smell of charred flesh, and then a real shout of raw pain. Strangely, Knichou realized the shout sounded familiar. When and where eluded him. OOC: @Snelly, @Toru Nui, @BULiK IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Laboratory Nale and Vashni took the hallway marked Laboratory. It descended gradually and eventually came to a sealed hexagonal doorway. On the right side of the sealed door was a small security terminal that displayed a blinking triangle and an exclamation point. On the bottom of the terminal was a slot for inserting a security card. The grooves in the floor and ceiling seemed to continue through the doorway, as if the track never ended but the door simply slid open when the appropriate security permissions were provided. OOC: @Snelly, @Tarn IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri Although those inside the Elemental Temple of Light would be unable to confirm, the floating district of Mi-Kiri from an outsider's perspective plummeted towards the Ash Barrens like a meteor of divine judgement only to suddenly slow and stop several thousand feet before colliding with the earth. The bottom it cracked open once more from the sudden change in momentum, and a rain of rejuvenating water fell towards the earth. The portions of the Ash Barrens touched by the water reverted to lush grassland and tropical trees.
  12. IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri The infiltrating squad made of up an ex-weaponsmith turned taxi driver turned possible godling, a toa repentant, the team mom chaperone, their trusty Exo-Toa fourth wheel, and the only one with more than a single brain cell brain cell who had literally no brain cells continued down the hallway. They heard the whimper of someone in pain echo from a room down the hallway around a bend to the left and down a small flight of loud metal stairs. They heard the taser deployed again, this time with some semblance of muttered speech softly echoing down the metal hall. Only NU understood the words: vahki were speaking in their cryptic language; "Someone's coming." "I don't care. Tase again." Vashni felt three minds close by excluding her squad. One seemed terrified and in pain and exhausted. The other two were nearly identical, and seemed intent on destruction. Nale could sense a faint electromagnetic pull coming from behind her. It came from the hallway labeled "Laboratory." OOC: @Snelly, @Tarn, @BULiK, @Toru Nui
  13. IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri “What’s happening? What’s happening,” Kas shouted over the chaos as without warning Sorilax fielded his skirmish-sized army of miniature followers. Masses of tethers filled the Elemental Temple of Light as if a child had been given several espressos and a can of silly string. The few vahki still conscious and in one piece tried their best to fire kanoka disks into the space, but the projectiles were as chaotic and random as the events preceding them, and most resulted in friendly fire. One vahki became a teeny tiny collectible monster truck. Another grew far too large and ended up plugging the only doorway out. Kas dove aside to avoid the ricochet, but a seemingly mild teleportation disk sent him partway into a wall where he appeared with an agonizing scream; “Make it stop, make it stop!” But Sorilax was a bit too preoccupied to immediately aid his second to newest mook. With his and Viltia’s duplicates aiding the aged aspect now bound in the frame of a rahkshi tried to repair the tear and reattach the thin, delicate wires to the Ignika that now glowed not only with its own light but the light of Sorilax as well. They struggled and worked quickly as three were of one brooding mind and the other was perhaps sharper still, but none of them were expert engineers. Despite the lack of experience, with unity and several more seconds than a trained professional might take, they succeeded in reattaching the filament-like wires to the mask. It began to float of its own accord. The world seemed to return to some semblance of normal, but wow did gravity hurt. OOC: @Kal the Guardian, @Harvali
  14. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek's Flying Fortress Knichou raised his rifle in a tactical scan of the room and found it surprisingly empty of immediate danger. The overall structure seemed stable, although the lights overhead were red and flickering. Several silent alarm indicator lights were flashing with a bright white light intermittently. They were in a large intersection between other hexagon shaped corridors with similar lights flashing down them. A grooved track ran along both the middle of the floor and ceiling of all passages. Behind them was the way they came, and then branching off were a few hallways labeled in matoran script: recovery bay, recreation ward, asylum pre-processing, laboratory, and emergency exit. They heard an echo of clattering movement down Recovery Bay and Recreation Ward, and a soft wail from Asylum Pre-Processing followed by a taser being deployed. OOC: @BULiK, @Tarn, @Snelly
  15. IC: MI-8919-07 | Metru-Koro The ruined airship continued past without impact, the potentially catastrophic collision avoided through calculated precision. The falling machine with its three arms and strangely swirling armor pattern remained on target despite the buffeting winds summoned by Patiwairutiki. A portion of the chestplate slid forward and a ratcheting sound echoed through the air as a mask slid into place in an open space before the chestplate quickly closed. Suddenly, instead of flying backwards the machine was gaining speed! “Announce myself? Is my presence alone not an announcement,” replied the machine rocketing through the headwind from Patiwairutiki. The machine continued “Know me then, great beast. I am Barraki Mantax, a liberator and a warrior. Your attack is an act of war. A war I look forward to swiftly ending! I have the esteemed pleasure of sending you to the afterlife.” Shoulder mounted rail guns opened their ports, extended their barrels, and blasted massive projectiles towards Patiwairutiki, the air around them looking distorted as the weapons fired several shots. It seemed simply steering the fortress with gusts of air would do little to stave off assault, and that Kilo-M9 would once again face the warlord in combat. OOC: @pokemonlover360, @Tarn thanks for your patience.
  16. Hitting something with AC is a little different than DC. It may interact differently with certain materials, components, vehicles, ACRs, etc.
  17. @Smudge8: Young Mazor is approved. The flaw sounds similar to "hesitates without clear authority present," which is cool.
  18. @Smudge8: thanks for requesting clarification. It's definitely more in the techno-babble department than the real sciences. The disk launcher adds an electrical effect to each kanoka disk it fires. Each time a disk is fired, you can choose to add a Static Charge, an Alternating Current, or a Direct Current to the disk which then transfers on contact to whatever target the disk hits. Essentially it buffs the kanoka disk to have a passive electrical effect as well as its variable kanoka effects.
  19. @Smudge8, having read the story it looks like you did meet 4 prompts (two required, two optional). Here are the rolls for Mazor's Far Shore Adventure: 5, 5, 19, 10 Mazor's disk launcher is now made of protosteel +1 Crystal Blade of the Archipelago (a crystalline sword with a copper wire wrapped hilt capable of harming aspects in their gaseous state. It is otherwise a normal sword.) Young Mazor followed normal Mazor through the portal as an MC (your choice of role). You may create and submit the profile for Young Mazor. Disk's from Mazor's disk launcher are now charged with electricity when fired. Your choice of static, AC, or DC.
  20. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui "Indeed. Very fast, almost no time at all," Nuju commented pointedly while looking at Mazor. Of course, he meant his words for Skyra. Here she was saying time was not on their side when Mazor walked in and out again as if the Far Shore were a revolving door. OOC: @Snelly, the ghost is barbing the NUVA.
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