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  1. IC: Some people really are gone though, a point eloquently made by Toa Rogers back when he stilled performed at the local theater. Remember the goldfish whatever bonkle fish are called, that died? The veritable saint had used it to explain death and loss to his younger viewers in a way that didn't gloss over it with silliness or a condescending tone, but rather spoke directly to the loss and sense of loss and how it was okay to be sad, but that everything still moved on outside your transient sadness soap bubble, and sitting in it and letting the world move past you in your little nitid horizon was the real thing to worry about. "Roll."
  2. IC Solvi "It really hasn't been that long."
  3. but in the end it didn't even matter ;____________;

  4. he tried so HARD and he got so FAR

  5. BUT IN THE END IT DIDNT EVEN MATTER ;________________;

  6. What do those two words mean together?
  7. Game of Thrones : Landfall
  8. Or just chug a couple bottles of nyquil. If that's legal in canada...
  9. Sil deserved a better death...
  10. Soon the American Region shall bomb the rest of Okoto into oblivion, singlehandedly ending the long night.
  11. Tex never rolled my roll to avoid dying dead off screen FAKE NEWS
  12. I'm just glad I have someone better to be dead with than Timelord.
  13. Makuta isn't the presence in the Mask of Ultimate Power.It's probably Sharky
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