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    Collect Bionicle Tools, Weapons, Kanohi, Misprints, Anything rare, Sets, Build with my legos, read, and most definitly play video games, collect coins, and I'm building a Giant MoC as of now!

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  1. Oh wow, this is pretty much flawless! I'm in love with the use of that throwbot visor and the CCBS you implemented. Bravo~!
  2. There's a handful available on BrickLink. Here's a link to them. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?G=5002942#T=S&O={} That aside, I'm sure if anyone has one about now, it's probably either been opened or a collective piece. Hope it helps!
  3. As Shadow above stated, 2003 Makuta = Flat Silver, 2010 Takanuva Stars = Pearl Light Gray. Only other colors(aside from the prototype) was the Flat Dark Gold and the Glittering Trans-Clear Mask. As for the Miru Nuva, apparently from the Krana-Kal and Kanohi Nuva mask packs, the Miru Nuva was the absolute most plentiful in them, while other protodermic silver masks were not.
  4. I agree with bioniclemahat, are there specifics you want for trades, or are you looking to sell these? And while I see you no longer have the canisters or instructions, do you still have their posters? Along with these questions, I have one more. What condition are these sets in? A few pictures might help everyone see what it is they'll be receiving, and knowing how long it's been since these sets were made, I do worry about color fade and pieces with splits. Just a few friendly questions is all!
  5. Heyo! Thought I'd contribute this as a few more things Flintsmith has made. A shiny purple Hau: http://i.imgur.com/Mb5bvH3.jpg Custom Metal Rahkshi Spine: (solo) http://i.imgur.com/9AEHh9w.jpg (used) http://i.imgur.com/Fz0DHIZ.jpg Metru Red Huna (clipped for movie style) ((Please note this is not the prototype version, with a legitimate metru red piece beside it)): http://i.imgur.com/hh4ElYf.jpg Hope this can be used!
  6. Thinking about making a rahkshi revamp...

  7. Never posted here, but figured I might as well. Hey folks, I'm back! Used to run by the name Wingnut or Gizoid, but eh... history is history. Same account, new name, glad to be back. As someone above stated, where'd all the old stuff go??
  8. So then I can assume I was overcharged for something I already had? You are correct, my good sir. Well, the guy was kind enough to give me a refund, but the big chunk was from shipping, which he didn't include.. But that aside, thanks for the clearing up on the misconception of a medium blue kaukau.
  9. So then I can assume I was overcharged for something I already had?
  10. OKAY So. I just got a mask in the mail the other day, that I'd purchased under the assumption it was what the seller had listed it as. A Trans-Medium Blue misprint. I thought to myself, "This isn't like the pictures for the Trans-Light Blue or 'icy blue' kaukau.. I need it!" The Trans-Medium Blue color happens to be one of my favorites from the transparent colors Lego produces naturally. So I asked the seller to cut the price down, since it was listed at 99 Euros.. seemed a bit too high. And my gut told me right. Upon receiving it, I found that I'd purchased the same icy blue "Light Blue" kaukau misprint I'd had since 2006. So I have to ask here, since I'm not sure where else to ask, but IS there a Trans-Medium Blue misprinted Kaukau at all? I've contacted all the other members on BrickLink selling the same listing for pictures, and each one looks like the Light blue misprint. In short, do these look the same, or is there a different colored misprint I'm not seeing online?
  11. For those that forgot who this is, the name's Gizoid from years back.. hope that helps!

  12. I haven't been on here in years... so if you know me, heya!

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