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  1. Rise, and I will join you in your conquest, my master

  2. lol u r not banned anymore. RISE!

  3. Hapori Dume shall rise, yo

  4. I shall take over BZPower for you! It is my sacrifice to bear!

    1. MechaAshura20


      unless he gets a call saying if he's interested being in a fan-film

  5. Attack again, just because it'll be funny.

    1. Sybre


      Dude, he's gone.

    2. Axilus Prime

      Axilus Prime

      Well, since he's a staff prank, he can do anything he wants if the staff wish it.

    3. Sybre
  6. All hail Hapori Dume! Lord of Vahki Power!

  7. You smell like feet

  8. You have not been forgotten. We sit, and we wait, for we all know: When you return, BZP as we know it will end. Therefore, I shall attempt to stop you. 'Cause that's just who I am. - PtVM

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    2. Angrok Va Mata

      Angrok Va Mata

      OK, now you've become completly stupid. BZP's probably remaining as a LEGO forum, anyways. Now if you excuse me, I'd like to destroy the Earth.

    3. Angrok Va Mata
    4. Goose


      No probs.

      BTW, 'I'm not evil, and if you ask me again, I may have to delay taking over the Earth to deal with you.'

  9. LOL 10 years old!

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