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  1. I saw him and Elton play a concert together back in '09, was a good show. Right now my favorite song of his is "The Longest Time"
  2. Welp, looks like I've found myself a new avatar
  3. Always cool to see prototype sets, and the uniquely colored pieces that come with them. Keep us posted if you find anything else that's interesting! Gonna be checking out your channel as well, as it updates.
  4. It's kinda hard to remember the specifics (since I'm thinking back 20 years now) but I remember seeing the mail-in order preview for Tahu and Vakama in a 2001 Lego magazine, before the sets actually hit U.S. shelves (After a quick search, managed to find the specific issue too) I don't think Tahu was my first one, though. Since I have a twin brother, it was actually pretty easy to collect a whole Toa set (Thanks to birthday gifts, we were able to get a lot of them at the same time) I seem to remember getting Lewa, Gali, and Kopaka first, and Tahu, Onua and Pohatu later. I know that order specifically since we could build those funny-looking combiner sets. Oh, and we got duplicate Matoro sets from McDonald's. Yeah, imagine that.
  5. 16 YEARS BABY

  6. Of course, the days of forums are past their prime. But honestly, the community aspect of forums is so much better when compared to larger forms of social media. Also, discord is not any better - most of the discords I'm in don't have a sense of community and consist of people spamming memes. However, just because posting rates are down doesn't mean that all is lost. The people who are left over can pretty much continue a nice little community of their own, even if it doesn't hold a candle to what forums used to be.
  7. I wouldn't mind a film based exclusively on classic sets. We already saw Benny represent that in the first Lego Movie, so it'd be kinda like that, but with lines such as Paradisia represented.
  8. .Ebay, man.Back in 2004, a guy was just selling ALL of them for about 50 dollars. It was a price of a video game, so my parents were okay with it. I still have them on my shelf
  9. 10 YEARS BABY

  10. Is anybody here a fan of LoGH? I'm probably gonna go overboard for a bit and claim that it's the greatest space opera of all-time, but hey...what do I know?
  11. Still rockin'

  12. on wat, yes.

  13. r u alive zomg

  14. GFLK

    Nice av, billy!!

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