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    Once upon a time, which wasn't that long ago but was too far back for me to bother specifying, there existed a female person named Turakii.

    Around that same once-upon-a-time, there also existed a Matoran named Turakii. He was -not- female and really had nothing in common with her whatsoever, aside from the name. This Matoran was supposedly a Ta-Matoran, although many other Ta-Matoran denied it vehemently and proclaimed that if -he- were a Ta-Matoran, -they- definitely were -not.- However, Turaga Vakama informed them that just because someone is a little different doesn't mean you can't be friends, and the same applies to those who are extremely different, so in the end everyone learned to get along.


    Turakii had always had a strange obsession with lava. It smelled pretty, it looked pretty, and it probably tasted pretty, but he knew that tasting it would probably have serious medical side-effects, so he never quite knew for sure. However, regardless of its taste, he spent most of his time admiring it, usually from atop his lavaboard.

    Nobody would have really minded if he hadn't had a terrible habit of admiring the lava while he was being paid to sit quietly in the Turaga's hut filling out tabletwork. After a big meeting and lots of arguing, they finally determined that it was silly to pay him for something he wasn't doing, and if he was going to keep on not doing it, then he just wasn't going to get paid. Turakii voiced no objections to this (partly because he had conveniently not been informed about the meeting).

    Hence, the day came when Turakii realized (1) that it had been an awfully long time since someone yelled at him for not being at work, and (2) that he didn't appear to have any widgets. This was quite the dilemma, since without them, it was hard to acquire certain necessities as food, so he promptly went to the Turaga and complained.

    Happily for him, there happened to be an unfilled position as Lava-River Patroller, which involved a lot of surfing on dangerous lava for hours on end. Since no sane person had ever wanted that position, it was right there and ready for Turaga Vakama to assign to him, and everything was lovely.

    How is all this related to the people that didn't like Turakii? We're getting there, we're getting there.

    So several months passed, during which Turakii surfed on boiling hot lava to his heart's content and nobody envied him in the least.

    And then something happened. Something big. Something roughly seven feet big. Something originally launched in a canister all the way from Karda Nui before it crashed onto Mata Nui after an Av-Matoran activated a signal.

    And this something's name was Tahu.

    Where did he come from? Who summoned him? What was his name? He sadly had no answers for these questions, but to prevent such confusion for the readers, I have included the answers above for your convenience.

    So a lot of stuff happened which is covered in a series of books you can purchase from your local bookstore, and so on and so forth, and the only really important part is that he liked to lavasurf.

    Which, as you remember, was an interest also shared by Turakii.

    Now, Turakii had never been particularly boastful of his accomplishments, but word got around, and soon Toa Tahu realized his reputation as the master of everything possible was in jeopardy. So, naturally, he decided to settle it once and for all by scolding that Matoran for daring be so uppity and rude.

    Somehow in the middle of that scolding, Turakii accidentally challenged Tahu to a lavasurfing race. He's still not quite sure how that happened.

    All of Mata Nui turned out to witness the Great Lavasurfing Showdown. It was a race that made you gasp with excitement, made your heartlight thump, tested your very muscles -- especially afterwards, since Turakii won and had to spend the rest of the week running for his life from a humiliated but angry Tahu.

    However, after taking some time to cool down, Tahu now has a grudging respect for Turakii whenever he chooses to acknowledge his existence... which is rarely. Turakii, in the meantime, is just happy that he still has all his limbs, and being as he wants to keep it that way, stays clear of his Toa.

    On the bright side, due to all that fame, every Ga-Matoran in the island was madly in love with him for an entire two days, and a couple of them still remember his name.

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