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  1. I know you guys like to see odd Ebay listings... And I found this odd gem: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201827822348?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Is this thing legit? I mean where could he/she have gotten it?
  2. If anyone has one, or a pair of these Kraata, I am wanting to buy. I have paypal! Here is a link to a pic, if you are unsure http://www.bzpower.com/story.php?ID=1546
  3. I would say I may still be a noob. I still do not know how to post links or images. Every time I do my browser locks up, and I have to start a new tab, or refresh the page.. and then not post said link... it's frustrating!
  4. Awesome. Now good luck making one for real. I imagine the skull spider masks might be hard to keep in place.
  5. Rare masks make for great custom figures. Also if you have a display, and want a cool mask for your figure to obtain, this is it!
  6. I got my masks in the mail today! They are beautiful! I am surprised you left parts un-chromed. But it won't be noticeable once worn or are on display. I happen to have the perfect pedestal to display them anyway. (Something from Shapeways) *edit* I wish I would have known about the random pile of partly chromed hands. They could be cool on my gold Protector. But heck, a full set of gold armor could be awesome if it were doable. Either way, I am likely gonna buy more of these. I just have a few other things I need to take care of first.
  7. Tried all weekend to get one for around $20. I ended up getting one this morning for $25 plus $2.99 shipping. That's what I got the other mask for a while back. At least I have a great custom figure in the works for it this time.
  8. I'm looking forward to getting this off Ebay, at least if its semi reasonable. I have the perfect trans neon protector for this. Now if only they made trans clear parts, so I can give the other one a more perfect body!
  9. I got the forest mask.. And another.. Which I'll keep as a surprise until I get it.. Oh, and hopefully I'll get the fire one, as that's the one I've bid on.. Would have bought it outright, but someone already bid. I personally hope he does the second wave of masks as well. They would be awesome like this!
  10. I think my first bionicle was the first Onua, if not, it was Tahu. And I can definitely say I have no clue what element I feel most connected with. Maybe Earth, or Water. But idk. I'd say forest, but that isn't an element. Yet how the green guy who lives in a forest, is green, just happens to fly to he can be the air element... I don't get to swim often, but I love the water. Yet some how, I feel Earth could be my element. And I know earth is different that stone... Sorry about the philosophical rambling....
  11. If you start work making metal versions of the current masks, I definitely may have to take you up on one! The hardest part? Picking the mask!
  12. I thought it could be with a shot, but I know what you mean. But for something unique, seeing I didn't win, I thought how else could I get something unique. Oh well, maybe I will get a chrome mask I just found on ebay, they may be unique enough. Even if not official.
  13. Yes, I am nuts. If someone is willing to part with their newly acquired gold mask, I believe I would love to buy it from them. I do have preference in specific masks, but seeing they are rare, I would take any. I only expect I would get one, if I even get any chance at them. I don't have anything specific in mind. But if you are willing to consider parting, I would love to attempt to work something out. *edit* I may not have thought things though. I probably shouldn't, as I can't afford as much as I thought. So just ignore this post.
  14. I haven't seen any worth while in quite some time..
  15. First off, I hope this is ok. I'm looking for Brickarms goods. Not the normal stuff you can get anywhere online. I want some of the harder to find event only goods. Wanted: Brickarms crates (I'm working on designing a cargo ship, and its gotta have cargo) Brickarms Prototype/overmolded weapons Any other event exclusive goodies Have: Paypal possibly a few things t trade, but honestly not much.
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