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  1. You're my friend too! 83

  2. I like your profile picture!

  3. *Pokes head in* Let me point out that reading your profile and such clearly was a great entertainment before I go to bed. =P

  4. Oh my goodness, I couldn't help but say I love your avatar! =P

  5. *Looks around* Have I come at a bad time? =P....Hi Turakii! Thanks for getting me back into FMA again!

  6. Hi HH, I is commenting you! =3

  7. *Comes into profile*

    ....Hi =D

  8. : O


    I guess that means I need to finish that Cross picture as soon as possible. >

  9. Hello friend! Just wanted to pop by and say hi, also sorry if I haven't responded to any of your PMs. =P Thanks for giving me that review in my newest Short Story though.

  10. You always say hi to me when I am chatting to Turakii on Yahoo, so I shall return the favor. Hi Mrs. Macku!

  11. Hey I saw your sig/banner and by the looks of it you like Demon Hunter, just wanted to pop by and say there one of my favorite bands. =)

  12. I think I'll use this comment thing.....Hi Nikira, having fun in the dear ol' South? =D

  13. Hello Mizz Turakii! Just wanted to say I love your squid, and when did you become a OBZPC? o_O I missed out on a lot...

  14. Hi Takatu!

    ...I can't think of anything else to say. :P

  15. *Decides to bother people with the comment thing* Hi Beliwa, you goin' to update your story before I find my frying pan? =D

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