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  1. can you kiddos believe it's been close to 10 years since the upload of 'Glitch in the System'? Wow.

  2. tfw when you're like: 'want to catch up with old friends/acquaintances...i know this person...but they changed their username so i can't confirm...and i'm too shy to ask who they were are so...welp...'

    1. Illuminatus


      Well there's a display name history feature for that. :)

    2. Lady Kopaka

      Lady Kopaka

      Thanks, always forget about that feature. Now my lurking/stalking can be at its full potential !!!

  3. izaak do u have a skype or im program or something

    1. Xaeraz


      i have skype but i've been considering trying out carrier pigeon as it may be more reliable

  4. I love your signature banner. One of my favourite movies.

    1. Vorahk1Panrahk2


      Thanks! It's such a gem of a film- definitely my favorite non-American animation, and one of my favorite animated films in general. I'm so stoked for his next project!

  5. oops guess who is back in bionicle

    1. Jedi Gali

      Jedi Gali

      So cool to see some of the old-timers returning!

    2. Ghidora131


      Jeez, this is a tough question...

  6. *pokes* aaaah i remember you!

  7. How odd it is to be back here.

    1. Meiko


      Welcome back!

    2. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      It's great to have you back! :D

    3. Lady Kopaka

      Lady Kopaka

      Thank you very much for the welcoming, it is nice to hear from you all as well.

  8. i just wanted to say i really like your art... :)

  9. thats cool. my original profession was going to be a egyptologist, but i moved on to be a lowly artist, hehe

  10. i like your profile picture. you like Egyptian culture?

  11. do not blame yourself. there were lots of other factors that were beyond your control. things like that just happen. its ok

  12. haha, i call lots of people that. sorry you lost your phone. you havent got another? my spring break was last week, but we should hang out soon.

  13. hey deary. i think it was my fault when it came to falling out of contact...i'm doing okay, but soo much is going on. how are you? feel free to call me : )

  14. sorry if i sounded harsh to you

  15. the main reason before was i didn't have time. im still not sure but ill try my best to get in this time

  16. yeah; favourite actor and person in general.

  17. i don't really care; whatever that suits your fancy. people seem to really like my story Glitch in the System though. you can view my library here though: http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=239112&hl=

  18. pretty sick actually, but all right considering things.

  19. can't see another way to greet yourself, really. hello to yourself as well

  20. merry Christmas to you as well. have a good one

  21. If I hear you make a excuse about calibrations one more time...

  22. I like any kind, but milk is my favourite.

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