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  1. You can't attach, sadly. a) copypasta b) email me c) im me

  2. I use MSWord, so whatever works for you.

  3. Oh I did--sorry, haven't responded yet. But to your question, yes please send it!

  4. LOL. I so agree. Whenever I get the chance to do it, it's so amazingly fun.

  5. The point of parkour is a quick way to travel around a city--which is the only decent place to do it. I live in the country and it's quite annoying.

  6. Mirror's Edge makes me happy when I can't do parkour...and that's almost always, lol. Saddness.

  7. Yeah, I watch the cut-scenes all the time out of boredom. the artistic style of the game was was very original.

  8. I get the feeling the developers were forced to rush with some things--but I really hope there's a sequel. They had something really original going on.

  9. Yup. One of my favourite games.

  10. haha, thank you.

  11. It'd be a sin if I didn't. It's looking amazing.

  12. I was just playing GW a bit ago. I'm so busy I don't have a lot of time to play anymore...but when I can, tis' awesome.

  13. Awesome GW banner/icon is awesome.

  14. There's no rush with college, I just had to start so I don't mess up the insurance...and yay for guitar. I'm so darn rusty, I should start playing again too.

  15. Yeah, very busy. I'm in college now so that's eating my time--still working on art and writing though. You?

  16. It took me one millisecond to remember you. Long time no see!!


  18. Well, she is a character--but yeah, that's me.

  19. As far as I know I'm the only Lady Kopaka, haha.

  20. No, she's only real in fandoms--and her true name is Lady Kaguya.

  21. You're on the member spotlight again xD

  22. It wasn't necessary and I don't usually ask people to do that stuff, but thank you.

  23. It's fine, I'm still trying to organize things on my front. Take your time.

  24. Very close to me? That was a fail misspell...I meant, him. Guh.

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