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  1. I'm sorry I haven't finished your commission, I've been very sick. :( Hopefully I can get it done soon.

  2. I prefer Lightning, but I really like Vanille too.

  3. So, I like your banner.

  4. Well it's only going to have 4 chapters, so it shouldn't be too hard to read if you're late.

  5. Well it gave me a ego boost, which I've been needing. Thankies.

  6. I feel quite special that you and some others are using my crummy drawing as a av/banner, haha.

  7. Whatever you do is fine. I was just asking because library topics are easy on me when hunting around the library forum, lol.

  8. You don't have to make one, but it might be helpful. It's also a good way to help see your own stats on stories, in a sense. *shrug*

  9. I do. Or did. I'm really busy these days so I don't get on much. Still a great game.

  10. Do you have a BZP library topic? I need to have a reading-marathon of your work, and was just wondering.

  11. HAH PRIDE, YOU'RE STUCK IN A BIG...hill...thing. SO THERE.

  12. I never thought about using them as avatars, that's a great idea.

  13. Random, but his your avatar from Guild Wars?

  14. You're welcome.

  15. Yeah. I wish I had time to get back into SS now. I miss reviewing and hanging with the community.

  16. Hiya, I'm not doing so swell, but I'm surviving. You?

  17. the inaccurate way you spell Bunda disturbs me to no end.

  18. but you can't have him...

  19. I'm doing fine. You?

  20. Heeey Thane is mine.


  22. Congrats Nukaya.

  23. *pokes with stick*

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