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  1. darn bzp--happy berfday!

  2. Me too! I mean...I miss writing and drawing, haha...sorry. I've just been very sick. :( I did do a drawing recently though, it's in my blog.

  3. hey, your banner is 300k large when the rules only permit 100k. I just wanted to throw that at you.

  4. It's really good. You should see it sometime.

  5. Yeah it sucks amirite. :F

  6. No prob; and lol, I bet you sounded fine.

  7. I hope you have a good berfday!

  8. Nothing really...just trying to survive my crazy life. You?

  9. I like to confuse people with avatars that do no justice to my name.

  10. I suppose; I haven't had a lot of time to draw/write these days...but maybe this summer will be good for it.

  11. Hmmm...weird. Tell him to try to email me first (whenever he can), and I'll see if I can respond to that.

  12. Isn't it the one he uses for msn or does he have another?

  13. I'm using my yahoo one; is it because I am trying to send file attachment (music) that may be causing it?

  14. I tried just now, and it isn't working. :(

  15. Sorry I didn't come to your play, this weekend was surprisingly busy. We'll work something out though.

  16. Hey I tired emailing your bro a few days ago, but it said his inbox was full or something?

  17. Oh no, I mean, I used the force. ;)

  18. I assumed your information was like your bros, except that it has a 94 instead?

  19. There is no rush, since it has been crazy with the flooding, I don't blame you. I'll try to PM you sometime and get more exact info on where we live and etc.

  20. Definitely. I'm honestly free anytime, and I get school done with on the 20th. So whenever you have time, I probably will too.

  21. So. Since we live so close to eachother apparently, we should hang out sometime.

  22. No rush. Just pointing that out.

  23. You probably will have to install the update. It seems to be a requirement now to get it to work. http://windowslive.com/desktop/messenger

  24. When did you get msn? Care to throw it at me sometime?

  25. I might can do it, can't make any promises though. When do you need lines and where did you hear my voice?

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