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  1. It isn't, I was just very close to me and it makes me uncomfortable seeing things like that. But I may just be overreacting, you don't have to do it. Sorry.

  2. Can you please remove that 'rip' thing about Beliwa from your sig? I don't like it when that's put in sigs.

  3. Yes, you did everything wrong, 'ferna. Kidding--I forgot to update it with everyone (only added Vorox Chief's 'cause his was almost done).

  4. Yeah, Tom Clancy is pretty much awesomesauce.

  5. Go ahead. I'm not sure if I was the first at doing that anyway.

  6. DUDE. RED is freaking awesome! I've known about them for awhile...glad you found them!!

  7. QUICK, hide into a haystack, they're after you!

  8. I'ved used messengers for years now--I let my AIM name be public here if anyone needed to contact me other than using PM

  9. HEY I actually reviewed a story, and it's yours! I'm so proud of myself. Do I get a cookie?

  10. I know. I keep meaning to call you but it's so crazy over here! I hope you're doing okay.

  11. Hey. I'm almost done with your commission. For real this time!

  12. India, Tibet, Nepal--bunch of places.

  13. La Roux is a very awesome.

  14. yes you are. Quick, escape in a haystack!

  15. Nah, I clicked on your profile to view via a post or something from you. I know who you are anyhow.

  16. I tried putting my pants on backwards...it didn't work out so well. I envy your skills.

  17. Well if I can be awesome, don't see why you can't be. I put my pants on the same way as you. (I think :B)

  18. people keep telling me that I don't really get it. xD Thank you though, you're quite awesome yourself.

  19. What, is there something cool on my profile or something?

  20. o_O at your blog entry...

  21. And I'm visiting it for a second time! Oh noez!

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