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  1. Granted, your game now crashes. I wish for unliminated power and that this wish is corrupted
  2. Most definitely yes TPBM is a Byzantophile (Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire/Roman Empire/Empire of the Greeks)
  3. Took a look on the Dino Attack Rpg page for Tvtropes, and noticed I was on one of the wild mass guessing, I confirm that Joe Harry was a take that

    1. avmatoran


      Thank you for confirming that.

    2. PeabodySam


      That's one mystery solved.

  4. OOC: Still interested fellows, and I love technicalities
  5. OOC: Chemical warfare? Biological weapons? Liberal deployment of WMD's to halt the advance? IC: Vigil started looking around the bodies of dead ADU troops to try and find some gear, once he obtained a rifle and a radio, he said "Well you people can move on now, I m sure i can get back to the armory, and you have aliens to defeat, a planet to save, thus lets waste no more time." Vigilt hen started to head back to the armory
  6. OOC: Your right, forgot about that part, sorry, now let get on, and we can all think of that as bias on Vigil's part, since your are invading the planet, so I don't think the natives will have too good of a opinion of you.
  7. IC: Arcturus's dropship landed on Illium's surface, once it's doors opened, Arcturus and the rest of the 26th Armiger Legion exited their transports and started to move toward a nearby Asari outpost. In the distance, Arcturus saw what used to be the Light of Illium, he then continued to move toward the outpost. As Arcturus got near the Asari outpost. Arcturus's superior officer then commanded that Arcturus move to higher ground and take up a sniper posistion. Scanning the area around him, he did not see any easily reachable location, but he then saw a posistion that he may be able to get to it if he used his jetpack, thus Arcturus launched himself up. Once Arcturus was at the location, he started to set up his rifle and took aim at the humans approaching the outpost.
  8. R.I.P Bionicle, you putted wonders into my life, and I will forever miss you
  9. IC: "Thank you, the help was much appreciated, now, if you have a spare gun on you, I would appreciate that you hand it over to me." Vigil said calmly, he then said "I need to get back into the fight as soon as possible." Vigil was determined to make sure the aliens paid dearly for what they had done in the building, the execution of civilians and POW's was barbaric and senseless.
  10. OOC: I understand that, I am just writing it from the ADU point of view, and I assume minifigures have about the same rules on war as we humans have, and the rules of law restrict the use of certain weapons and actions, but when you are fighting aliens who show disregard for those rules, you should no longer follow them. You should use every advantage available to ensure survival, and minimize friendly casualties while maximizing hostile casualties. In unrelated information, I have just bought X-Com is also about a organization fighting against aliens for mankind's survival.
  11. IC: Vigil saw Blaze coming, and once he heard what Blaze said, Vigil replied "Understood" Vigil then looked at the corpses and then he said "Blaze, once I am free, I will need weapons and armours, and I suggest we no longer follow any rules of war, if we have any sort of advantage use it, we have held back on out firepower, thus we are losing this war." Vigil was thinking that the ADU should deploy chemical and biological weapons, if the aliens did not follow the laws of war, then why should the ADU.
  12. OOC: Well this RP is starting to seem rather dead IC: Vigil continued to look around the room he was waiting for the ADU to come and defuse the bombs that were on him. As Vigil looked around he also swore that if he ever found those two aliens again, he would terminate them with extreme prejudice, Vigil was enraged by the actions of the aliens, they clearly are not following the rules of war, thus it means there is no reason for the ADU to follow those rules either.
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