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  1. Capua? You mean the old Italian city that rivalled the Roma Republic's economic power during the Punic Wars and before?

  2. IC: [Ga-Koro; Marine HQ] The receptionist chuckled a little at Voutok’s words which were apparently amusing to the odd little Ga-Matoran. “Oh, you don’t know? I figured everybody in the village would be there… The funeral for Turaga Nokama is being held, silly! That’s where Mr. Ketan is.” She told him and then when she realized that she was receiving odd looks from all four men, she rubbed her thumbs together and says, “Not that that’s funny at all…” Firion’s eyes narrowed and he mutters, “Uh, well I guess we know where to head then.”
  3. OOC: I finally posted! IC: [Kilayox - Olford Mines] Fire, wind, and water were being thrown throughout the mine without caution hitting and damaging structures without warning. Kilayox cackled madly as she danced in the chaotic environment, paying no attention to her ‘allies’. She was enjoying herself far too much to be bothered with babysitting them in this fight. They appeared to be purely focused on the battle, though. Their enemies were determined to kill them after all and the slightest mistake could lead to a bullet in one’s foot or head or being burnt alive. The point was clear. Whoever won this battle would be the people who were the most careful. However, no one noticed that the wall behind them was starting to crack. The elevator shaft trembled with each attack that hit it and eventually, as Kilayox dodged a scorching first blast and a colossal blast flew into it, these cracks turned into gaping holes. Kilayox turned around just in time to see that the wall was starting to fall. Her eyes widened and suddenly she was hit by a terrible feeling as it all dawned on her. She had been stuck in a canister for over a thousand years. She had only just gotten out and was about to be squashed by rocks. Gritting her teeth, she moved forward in an athletic run, not caring if anyone else got out or alive. I refuse to be trapped again! Never again! She thought fiercely. The Toa hit men also started to run as rocks and rubble flew down as the wall continued to crumble.
  4. IC: [Ga-Koro: Marine HQ] “Oh yes!” The receptionist suddenly exclaimed, jumping a little in her wooden chair which alarmed the group. Firion raised an eyebrow at the woman’s strange behavior and the Ga-Matoran smiled warmly, “New recruits are always appreciated… I assume your friends are interested in joining too?” She asked, her eyes wavering over to Virin’s form, scanning him from head to toe, apparently noticing his impressive height. Her attention was not unnoticed by Virin who stood rigid as a rock, obviously uncomfortable. A nudge in the side of his armor by Firion broke him out of his trance and he took a step forward, coughing. “Yes, I’d be honored to defend the village as a true champion.” He told her, tightening his grip on the golden trident in his hand. The receptionist shivered a little and her eyes intensified. “Well, we always have a place for champions. Well, at least I do.” She told Virin suggestively. “However, if you guys are really interested in joining, I can’t exactly just hand you the badge myself. Normally the recruitment process is done simply by the village leader deputizing someone if they fit the requirements. But since Turaga Nokama is currently dead after being murdered by some Skakdi, the current village leaders will have to do so… Ketan, Leader of the Toa Arete.” She told them. “I’m pretty sure you have heard of him?” Virin gritted his teeth upon hearing that name. “Yes, I’m well acquainted with him…”
  5. IC: [Ga-Koro; Marine HQ] The quartet had been walking sometime before they finally reached the Marine HQ. The trip to the docks had sent them to the edge of Ga-Koro and now they had to go all the way back to the center of the village. Whilst walking, each member of the group had been in their own brisk thoughts. Their thoughts were stirred however when Voutok suddenly spoke up, “Is that the Marine HQ over there?” He asked pointing directly at a large building that Firion and Virin knew too well. The Marine HQ was a proud symbol of the village, a symbol for the protection and hope that the marines of the village inspired. The Marine HQ in truth was a gigantic hut made from mud and leaves, but it was so impressively built that it appeared to be the labor of architectural genius. Soundly construct, leaves covered the tops and sides of the HQ, a single door leading into the building. Firion led the way and the group slid inside the HQ soon after. The inside of the place was a little more furnished then the outside suggested. Long hallways stretched on the sides, leading to other rooms, one of which was a war room for meetings that involved the higher-ups. The bright smile of a receptionist was the first thing that they saw when they walked in. “Hello, Firion. I was beginning to worry that you’d forgotten about me.” She said jokingly. A smirk formed on the short Matoran’s normally plain face and he gave her a little curt nod. “Never.” He said and that caused the receptionist to chuckle a little. She then shook her head and her eyes scanned over to Firion’s company; a tall and noble-looking warrior, an even taller Vortixx being, and a mousy looking De-Matoran. The look on her face made it clear what she was thinking. Who the heck were these guys? “This is Virin, Voutok, and Lenat,” He said respectively. “They’ve become rather friendly in no time and are interested in doing work for the marines. Maybe even joining…” He trailed off, allowing his companions to speak up if they wished to do so now.
  6. IC: Virin raised an eyebrow at the Matoran’s curious nature. He wished to inquire upon it, but for the time being, he simply ignored it. Besides, there were greater problems that needed to be attended too. “It’s probably for the best that we return to the Marine HQ. I’m pretty sure that they would like to see Lenat’s crossbow and we could see if there is anyway to help out around the place.”
  7. I just want to personally apologize for my inactivity in this thread. I've been a little busy, but I'll try and get a post up for Kilayox as soon as possible.
  8. IC: [Casterly Rock – Destro] Destro paused a second for thought. Having the body of an unnamed Toa brought to his home might seem a little suspicious if the local authorities were ever to come by. “The only thing I require is his Kanohi. As for the Ira, he should come willingly. He, like you, received invitation to come to this house. I merely wish for you to act as his chauffeur, bringing him back here safely and intact.” He said with a clever little smirk. “So do we have a deal, Aria?”
  9. What an awful way to start the day. :(I really enjoyed reading her posts...
  10. IC: [Casterly Rock – Destro] The noise of the breaking glass was loud enough that the butler sprang into motion and ran into the room. “Master!” He shouted out but his cries were stifled when Destro simply raised a hand and coolly drank from his glass. He eyed the red stain on his carpet with annoyance like he did with most dirty things. “Save your cries for something more important. Now will you clean that up?” He commanded and the Matoran simply nodded, pulling out his rag from his pocket. He quickly got on his knees and started to wipe up the mess that the assassin had made. Destro’s eyes then went over to the assassin and he stared at her, not moving a single muscle, but making it clear on what he wanted to do. Yes, he was indeed paying her, but she was also trying his patience. The laird had learned the value of waiting though and with one deep breath, he managed to control himself. An unsettling smile then formed on his face, mainly because it was mostly forced. “Oh, to the contraire. You see, the true reason why the murder business is fading is because the competition has only increased. With this island suddenly becoming a beacon for people of all breeds, there are now more assassins on this island then you can count. Finding someone to replace you wouldn’t exactly be hard or tiring.” He told her, stroking his magnificent chin as he did so. “But with my current time constraints, I do need you. You see, I’m afraid that if I don’t act now the person I want you to find will manage to disappear again. He’s a very hard man to find and I finally tracked him down. He’s currently located in Ta-Koro and he goes by the name of Zeno. Toa of Sonics, a nasty sort, murdered an entire criminal organization singlehandedly I heard. We’ve crossed several times, but I’d prefer to stay out of his path which is why I’m having you do it.” Destro tapped his fingers on the table and then he reaches in his pocket to pull out an envelope handing it to Aria. “This note contains an address detailing his current location. It’s a warehouse, on the shady side of town as he prefers it. There is also a second address on it. Another warehouse, not far from the one in which Zeno currently lives. Within it is a Toa of Fire named Ira who has attracted my attention. He is not to be killed, only brought back to this manor. Is that understood?”
  11. IC: [Casterly Rock – Destro] “Ah, yes the job.” Destro said, seemingly having forgotten about it. He led Aria out of the vault and the assassin seemed reluctant to leave the gold. It appeared right now that gold was the only way to win her heart. The two Toa entered another room (the place never seeming to run out of them) and Destro sat down on a couch made out of red leather. He allowed Aria to take a seat as well and then he beckoned towards the Matoran butler who brought the two of them two glasses of red wine that were placed on the table in front of them. “I need an old enemy killed. If I’m impressed, you’ll keep getting jobs and keep getting paid. If I’m not impressed, then you will most likely be dead. Understood?”
  12. IC: [Casterly Rock – Destro] Destro simply nodded, listening to Aria and her price. He truly wasn’t listening, no his mind started to wander off, back to his dreams of conquest and destruction. When she finished her little rapport, his eyes flickered back over to the beautiful assassin. He caught her last sentence and in response, he laughed. It was a deep and resounding laugh, echoing through the mostly empty manor. Once he was finished with his magnificent evil laugh (which he practiced often in his spare time), Destro simply grinned at her, “That was funny,” He stated. “I do love a woman with a sense of humor. Follow me.” He told her, more like commanded since when he looked into her eyes, he made it very clear that she should probably do what he asked. It would be beneficial to both of them. Aria reluctantly followed after Destro and after a few turns, they entered another room. This one was entirely empty. There were no beds, materials, or anything of importance. Besides the giant metal vault that was built into the wall. He gestured towards it and says, “This vault cost me a fortune. Within it contains my personal assets. Normally I don’t show it off, but since you seem to be in question of my wealth… I’ll let you take a peek.” Blocking the view of the combination lock, Destro quickly inputs the code in. He then opened the vault, swinging it loosely to the side. Destro then took a step in and waited for Aria to enter. When she did, she was hit by a majestic sight. Any thought of widgets vanished when she saw the contents of the vault. Gold seemed to outline every inch of the wall and the cold marble floor was no longer visible. Beautiful hills of golden coin had formed, looking like skyscrapers to the assassin. Amongst the gold were diamonds, rubies, and numerous priceless gems. Seeing that he now had her full attention, Destro’s grin grew broader. He loved to show off. “All of this can be yours… as long as you agree to work for me until my plans for you are complete.”
  13. IC: [Kilayox – Olford Mines] The Toa of Fire stalked forward, intense flame gathering in the palm of his hand. The Toa of Water that they’d been ordered to kill apparently wasn’t bright. She was attempted to fight all of them by herself and he intended to take advantage of that. Her back was currently open and he was going to split it open. A whip of flame slowly started to form in his hand and he mentally gave it shape before he prepared to unleash it onto her. A savage grin formed on his face, anticipating the kill. Men like himself did not enter the profession of hired hit man for the money; no they did it for the thrill. He was feeling it right now and it delighted him, the thought of taking this Toa’s life. He raised his fiery whip and he prepared to bring it down, ready for the sensation that followed. But all he got was in arrow in his back. He let out a gasp of air and reached to pull it from his back, but his arms couldn’t reach it. He continued to try though, but to no avail. Eventually he just collapsed and falls over, slamming into the ground. The last thing his eyes saw before blacking out was the tall Toa of Water whose back still remained open. With his last amount of energy, he released the fire whip. The fire whip was doused by a burst of water, pouring out of Kilayox’s hand. She had turned around just in time, for she had heard the arrow and assumed someone was firing it at her. Her eyes looked over to the fallen Toa and then she noticed Ena. Crouched where the others could not see her, but holding her bow and arrow. That’d made sense. The Toa of Fire was not dead; the arrow had hit him in a non-vital. While Kilayox thought Ena should’ve just killed the bloody Toa, she did appreciate the cover that she gave her. Aervak was also proving to be nearly unstoppable, for most of the attacks just bounced off him. Having allies or help was proving quite useful, even though she didn’t need them to win in her mind. The robotic sentry shot out of what appeared to be a spike ball and it slammed directly into one of the Toa, cutting into the sides of his armor. It was then that Aervak found his suit suddenly bending and making sick crunching noises. His eyes fell over to the downed Toa who had stood up on one knee, blood oozing from his mouth. He appeared to be putting a great deal of concentration into the task. He was a Toa of Iron and his eyes were focused on Aervak’s mechanical armor. He intended to tear it apart limb from limb. Kilayox gritted her teeth as she blocked one of the fire blasts with another stream of water, steam showering the entire room as the two Toa went against each other. The other Toa of Fire was aggressively attacking Toa Kilayox, forcing her to stay on her feet. Fire blasts came shooting out of his fists, only becoming stronger with each strike. Kilayox stayed purely on the defensive, a shield of water pouring out in front of her. She nervously looked back at the wall behind her. Then she looked over to Ena, for any signs of assistance, but there was none there. The Toa of Air had decided to attack Ena and her men from the Department of the Security. He did this by creating several small cyclones and then sending them forward, ripping through any kind of coverage that they had and forcing them to fight in the open. “Come out to play!” He yelled to them, wind circling around his fingertips as if the wind was merely a puppet that he controlled. The two Toa and Glatorian now had their own singular enemy to face….
  14. IC: [Mirax – Haven Cove/Toothy Bane] The rebels had won their battle, but Mirax had done nothing to aid them. He had merely observed from his high point. He felt like somewhat of a coward for not aiding them in their battle. It was over now and there was nothing he could do to change the fact that he hadn’t acted. These feelings only worsened when Vinathli suggested that they should try to board the vessel; a boat not far off from the beach. He turned around and looked at her, a dark expression on his face, “We’ve done nothing to help them. I desire my freedom, but all we did was watch. There’s no real honor in that.” He told her, seemingly against the idea. He then started to walk towards the ice slide that he had created. “But I am no longer the warrior I once was. I’m a slave. I don’t have any honor.” He said sadly and then he slid down the ice slide, his feet pushing through the ice that he had created until he was eventually down on the shores of the beach. “Warriors! Do you require anymore assistance?” He shouted out to them, walking over to the spot where a fierce battle had just been taking place. He then looked up at the cave where Vinathli still stood, her eyes scanning below. He then beckoned for her to come down. It was her idea after all.
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