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  1. I still fail to see why you guys are surprised the sets are showing up now. Its not early, every year for as far back as I can remember the winter assortment sets of next year have shown up within the first two weeks of November in anticipation of holiday sales. Usually Bionicle (or Hero Factory) start to show up the first week of December. Shouldn't be much of a surprise except to maybe brand new Lego fans.The fact that 2012 sets are being added to Shop at Home should only reinforce this.Edit:Now that Shop at home is up with Dino stuff, we have piece counts! Updated the first post as well. For those on a budget, here's a price breakdown most AFOLs use:5882 Ambush Attack $11.99 80 Pieces 15¢ per Brick5883 Tower Takedown $19.99 136 Pieces 15¢ per Brick5884 Raptor Chase $29.99 259 Pieces 12¢ per Brick5885 Triceratops Trapper $49.99 271 Pieces 19¢ per Brick5886 T-Rex Hunter $69.99 480 Pieces 15¢ per Brick5887 Dino Defense Headquarters $99.99 793 Pieces 13¢ per BrickI'll be picking up Raptor Chase probably on Friday and will hopefully have a review done by the end of the weekend.
  2. Well, just got word from a good friend who works at Toys R Us (San Diego Auto Circle one) that they received the new Dino sets along with a few other assorted 2012 sets (no Hero Factory yet, darn). Hopefully after I get some tests and homework out of the way today and tomorrow I can pick a few of the smaller ones up and get some reviews done. Inconveniently though Inheritance just came out and I can see myself spending time reading that instead...Anyone else spot these yet? Anyone actually got their hands on some of the sets?
  3. I have to agree with Mesonak. Bulk, Stringer and Stormer would make great $13-level sets; and Nex plus a new hero as the $8-level sets would be great. Seeing as we're stuck with Furno though, and done to five heroes now, the likelihood of a new hero is pretty low.
  4. The web-site is live on Lego.com: Click Me! If you move the leafs, you can see a film reel of the Rex and Utahraptor; and a film reel of some of the scientists doing something with the tranquilizers. Individual pictures include a minifig next to an egg, a hunter with a Rex in the background, and a minifig next to Rex footprints. The background itself has a drawing of the Rex and the Coelophysis. Obviously a current placeholder for the full site, its cool for a few minutes of exploration.
  5. Apparently there is a Dino promo comic in the new Lego magazine that is shipping out. Haven't found any scans or summaries yet, anyone get their magazine yet that would be kind enough to scan it for the rest of us?
  6. Sayger - his style is definitely different and really fit '06/'07 well.
  7. DinoOfficial Site | Shop @ Home Dino is a new 2012 Lego theme. The theme will be different from Dino Attack and more similar to Dino 2010 in that the protagonists are attempting to capture and study the dinosaurs rather than hunt and kill them. Each set features a different dinosaur, piece of location and minifigure vehicle with some feature or function focusing on trapping the dinosaurs. (Official theme description TBA)SetsSets are scheduled for a winter 2012 release and should start appearing in stores mid-November for holiday sales. There is currently 7 known sets, 6 main release sets and 1 store exclusive (click images for a larger version):5882 Ambush AttackPrice: 11.99 Euro / USD80 Pieces 5883 Tower TakedownPrice: 19.99 Euro / USD136 Pieces 5884 Raptor ChasePrice: 29.99 Euro / USD259 Pieces 5885 Triceratops TrapperPrice: 49.99 Euro / USD271 Pieces 5886 T-Rex HunterPrice: 69.99 Euro / USD480 Pieces 5887 Dino Defense HeadquartersPrice: 99.99 Euro / USD793 Pieces 5888 Pteradon Chase / Hydroplane (Store Exclusive)Price: TBAPieces: TBADinos / Minifigures: 1Hunter, 1 Pilot, 1 Pteradon (Light / Dark Green)Latest News[*] Now available in Lego Retail Stores, Lego Shop @ Home and various retail stores in the US! (11/09/2011)[*] Official placeholder web-site is now live on Lego.com: Dino site. (11/01/2011)[*] New Dino promotion comic in the November-December 2011 Lego Club Magazine! (Scans coming soon) (11/01/2011) ---Anyone else excited and looking forward to this theme? Personally I'm really looking forward to it, especially after seeing the finalized sets. Dino themes are always a welcome Lego addition, especially if they come with new molded dinosaurs.
  8. My holy grail would have to be the complete '01 mask collection. I bought countless mask packs back in the day, all the way until they were out of stores and even a few years ago tried buying some masks online. I'm still missing a few to complete the collection, but that has always been my holy grail of Bionicle sets.
  9. Voted for entry #3, it was rather well built and all around HF looking.
  10. Nulled. Couldn't decided between Trunx (#3) and Raptorix (#6), both were equally awesome.
  11. Entry 8 is massive, very well built and all around good looking, it got my vote.
  12. Rather Unfriendly Hyena Creature, hands down one of the best MOCs in the contest.
  13. Quaza Crawler (#7) got my vote, I absolutely love its leg design and it could easily fit in the HF universe.
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