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    Let's go ahead and go by categories here:

    Games: Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Mass Effect, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Dangan Ronpa, and plenty of others that I'm forgetting (and plenty of standalone games).

    Books: Discworld to an unhealthy extent, The Kingkiller Chronicles, Song of Ice and Fire, Paolo Bacigalupi's works, and plenty of others that I'm forgetting. Talk Bradbury and Pinkwater to me.

    TV: Doctor Who and Game of Thrones are the mainstays.

    Other stuff: Programming, education (read: "hey wouldn't it be cool if we tried something other than teaching to tests?"), poker, writing.

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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.


Hello there. I used to have an intro here about being not that well-known due to a little tiny seven-year hiatus, but now I'm a Forum MentorAssistantLeaderGlobal Mod? Whoops.

When doing boring real-world things like work, I'm a software engineer. Hobbies include the usual geekery of reading, gaming, and surfing the internet; I also play poker and occasionally try my hand at writing (a process that usually follows the timeline of, "I think I'll write something!" --> Procrastination --> Slam it out --> "Well, this isn't that bad!" --> Sleep --> "So, like, with a formal apology to the populace, is it apologize and then fall to the ground in shame, or...?")

Feel free to drop me a message for any reason, be it to get a BZP (or non-BZP) question answered or just to chat.

(PS: no, GSR doesn't come from "Great Spirit Robot". GSR is just GSR.)

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