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  1. Thank you! It's not apparent in the photo, but there are gaps in the assembly that allow me to see through. There's naturally stuff directly in my field of vision, but they surprisingly don't create significant blind spots, so I see just fine with the mask on.
  2. I have a video call on Halloween coming up, and I thought I'd build myself a mask to get into the spirit of things. (Edit: incorrect verb tense)
  3. Here's my take on the classic slide puzzle. It still needs some refinements, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.
  4. Last year, I shared a previous version of my wearable Infinity Gauntlet build on this forum, and people seemed to like it. I've been working on it on and off since then, and this is the latest iteration.
  5. Hey I have noticed that the link in your signature does not lead anywhere. :P You gotta fix that.

  6. Whoops, I totally misremembered the weapon situation. I guess they're technically upgrades and not really new weapons. Perhaps the closest thing to a different-looking weapon is putting the drill on the gun, and I suppose the drone is kind of a weapon as well? In any case, I'd love to see more builds inspired by the game. Again, great work!
  7. Meloetta is one of my favorite Pokémon in terms of design, so I challenged myself to try and build a BrickHeadz version. I had limited resources to work with, so I had to bite the bullet in certain aspects of the design (this would be most noticeable with the pieces I used for the hands), but all things considered I think it turned out well. Let me know what you think! I also threw in my Meloetta figurine in each pic I took for comparison purposes.
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed Axiom Verge when I first played it last year, and seeing this brought back some great memories! Trace himself is built impressively, but I think the highlight for me here is the Axiom Disruptor gun. The CCBS shells help capture how the weapon looks in the game, and I would really love to see builds of the other weapons from the game. Excellent work overall!
  9. I forgot I even shared this on here. I'm honored to have a feature piece on my humble builds! Thank you very much, and I, too, share the hype for Vol. 5. Thanks! I'll see what I can do about smoothing out Blake's torso. Huh. I always saw Ruby's hair as dark brown until you mentioned it and I took a second look. Well, in any case, I intended to use a darker shade of brown for her hair, but I didn't have a lot of pieces in that color. I appreciate the advice!
  10. I've been having a blast making random characters in the style of the BrickHeadz sets, and decided to make ones of the protagonists of Rooster Teeth's animated series RWBY.
  11. I have a Panrahk sitting on a shelf above me as I type this. I look at that, then at this MOC, and I'm just stunned. The head and spine are so well-crafted that I find myself mesmerized at how natural and organic it looks. I absolutely love how it evokes the appearance of the Rahkshi in Mask of Light, but feels like some sort of Rakhshi Kal that's an even more terrifying monster than a garden variety Rahkshi. No hyperbole: one of the best builds I've seen this YEAR. Phenomenal work.
  12. My favorite memory is a fairly recent one, and will probably come off as rather biased. I rarely ever post on here despite being a long-time member, even during the time when I was on the forums regularly. On a whim, I thought to break the habit and decided to share a MOC of mine on the BBC forum. Next thing I know, I see it on the front page of the site. Something I made got a feature piece on a website. That was mindblowing to me. Aside from that, the mere act of browsing the forums whenever I have free time these days takes me back to the time when I would spend HOURS reading topic after topic when I was 11, and I find that just as valuable as a singular, standout memory. I may not be on here as often as I was then, but BZP has been and still is very much a part of my life for the better part of 10 years now. Here's to many years more!
  13. I based the build on how Daredevil usually looks in the comics, where he dons a solid red suit that admittedly has nothing much going on appearance-wise. With that said, I really appreciate the advice, and I'll do my best to apply them in my future builds. Most of Daredevil's costumes have more subtle horns, but I do see where you're coming from. I'll see if I can find a good way to make them stand out.
  14. I am extremely honored to have my humble build featured on the front page of the site. I finally made it, mom! Thank you! I would have loved to build better fingers, but unfortunately I couldn't come up with a design that wouldn't fall off or otherwise look like a contrived mess. I'll try to upload more pictures soon, but full disclosure: there's not much to look at besides this angle. If I can come up with a design that didn't cut off the circulation to my fingers, that's definitely the next step I'm taking to improve this build. Thanks! The claw-fingers being smaller than my actual fingers kinda breaks the illusion of the entire thing being a glove, so I decided to clench my fist for this photo. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I would love to take this to a convention, but unfortunately I live nowhere near the US.
  15. My strange inclination to make wearable MOCs has led me to create one of the most powerful items in the Marvel Universe: the Infinity Gauntlet! Shhh... don't tell Thanos I have it.
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