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    Look behind you. No, seriously, look behind you.
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    Why are you so interested in MY interests? It's none of your business what I may or may not be interested in, and if you're so desperate to know you're reading this paragraph that very clearly doesn't contain my interests, than you have a serious problem. If you've got this far and still hold some kind of pathetic belief that my interests are hidden here somewhere, you are sorely mistaken, and I strongly advise you go read your own interests. Go on, off you go. Go read YOUR OWN interests. After all you're the only one who'll find them interesting. I said go. Right now. Stop reading, and get out of my profile before I have you shot.

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  1. *Taps*

    Hello? Remember me?

  2. Hey, you know the 'friend' who spammed with your profile? Well, he almost got you banned from BZPower.

  3. Is it twenty-ten or two thousand and ten? Happy New Year, everyone.
  4. Little request to UK BZPers, could you please notify me if you have found the Stars anywhere in the UK. Thank you.
  5. Seriously, this is our last chance. The petition/poll is here. Even if you've already voted, keep posting, get it to Hot Topic #1. It'll need to be if we are to succeed.
  6. The Stars are part of the storyline.
  7. Perfect condition, all that jazz. PM for details. Pic.
  8. Hi, welcome to BZPower! If you have any questions, post them in the New Member Q&A topic, or send me a PM once you have ten posts.

  9. -Morgoth-

    I Tried.

    DEAR GOD NO. Sorry, but his head's small enough already.
  10. -Morgoth-


    Just in case anyone has any comments/questions about the customs in thar content block, stick 'em here. ----->
  11. You didn't shoot me!!! Hey, what are those red dots all around me. I'm sorry I'm experiencing painful injuries please leave a message after the tone.

  12. I didn't look behind me budd And I won't cuz j'm lyin'on the floor

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